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famous person Colette’s France is the remarkable story of an extraordinary woman – known simply as ‘Colette’ – who was as famous for her life and loves as for her writing. And, above all, is known for her close connection to the country where she was born. Visit the lush landscapes of France through the retelling of Colette’s often-controversial life: from a childhood in Burgundy, and coming of age in Belle Époque Paris, to a lesbian affair in Brittany and new love in Provence. A sensual, rebellious artist who lived life on her own terms during a time of radical upheaval and artistic emergence, Colette was a prodigious writer (her works include Cheri, Gigi, and the Claudine series) and journalist, risqué performer, businesswoman, baroness, mother, lover and seducer, to finally become a grand old lady of letters. Dr Jane Gilmour’s personal passion for Collette shines through the pages of Colette’s France. Her extensive knowledge of the artist’s life has led her to uncover original photographs and exquisite illustrations that evoke the era and bring to life the story of a true original. Colette’s France “fake quote from a famous person about how good this book is” – u Jane Gilmour Her lives, her loves u Colette’s France Her lives, her loves Jane Gilmour

Colette's France by Jane Gilmour (ISBN 9781742705354)

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