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A LEGAL MISCELLANEA A Newsletter for the Friends of the Jacob Burns Law Library Volume 5, Number 2 Autumn 2008 :: The George Washington University Law School SPECIAL COLLECTIONS FOCUS: Processus Contra Templarios. Archivio Segreto Vaticano [Vatican Secret Archives], (2007) Kasia Solon, Rare Books Librarian ne of the Law Library’s recent acquisitions manages to be both old and new at the same time. How? It is a newly-issued reproduction by the Vatican Secret Archives, the Processus Contra Templarios, containing facsimile manuscripts and scholarly commentary relating to the 1308 heresy trial of the Knights Templar. This is a limited edition, the Vatican having permitted production of a mere 800 copies of the previously unavailable original source material. Pope Benedict XVI reportedly received the first set of the work; the Law Library has copy no. 389 of the 799 that remained for sale. If the Processus were massproduced, its jacket blurb might read something like: “If you read and enjoyed The Da Vinci Code, you are sure to love the Trial Against the Templars.” Indeed, consistent with their secretive past which conjures thoughts of conspiracy plots, the Knights Templar populate such novels as The Da Vinci Code. But a plainspoken history of the order provides more than enough drama without resort to fiction. From their station as one of Europe’s most powerful institutions, the Templars (continued on page 4) Jessica McConnell O Cy Pres Club charter, dated May 5, 1932. THE CY PRES CLUB: A Pioneer Women’s Organization at National University Law School Kasia Solon, Rare Books Librarian dvocates for hiring female faculty at the law school. Hosts to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Vedettes of The Washington Post’s local coverage. These successes—just a few among many—are emblematic of the activities of the Cy Pres Club, the pioneer women’s organization at the National University Law School. National University, noted for its especially strong law school, was founded in 1869 and merged with The George Washington University Law School in 1954. Though National grudgingly had permitted a handful of women to attend A (continued on page 2) WELCOME TO OUR NEW RARE BOOKS LIBRARIAN, KASIA SOLON! Kasia assumed her new duties July 1, moving over to Special Collections from the Reference Department. You may recognize Kasia as one of A Legal Miscellanea’s regular contributors, and two of her articles appear in this issue. Kasia may be reached at (202) 994-2687 or

A Legal Miscellanea: Vol. 5, No. 2 (Autumn 2008)

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