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T H E G E O RG E WA S H I N G T O N U N I V E R S I T Y L AW FACULTY NEWS SCHOOL Fall 2010 Scholarship, Honors, and Professional Activities Vol. 13, No. 1 PUBLICATIONS Jerry Barron’s “FCC v. Fox Television Stations and the FCC’s New Expletive Policy” appeared in 62 Federal Communications Law Journal 567 (2010). Professor Barron and Tom Dienes completed the 2010 supplement to their constitutional law casebook published by LexisNexis. Christopher A. Bracey’s second book Dred Scott Case: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Race and Law, co-edited with D. Konig and P. Finkelman, was published this fall by Ohio University Press. Arturo Carrillo’s “Transnational Mass Claims Processes in International Law and Practice” (with Jason S. Palmer) appeared in 28 Berkeley Journal of International Law 101 (2010). His “Las acciones de clase en materia de derechos humanos en los Estados Unidos [Human rights class actions in the United States]” (with Courtney Hague and France Bognon, edited by Beatriz Londoño Toro and Professor Carrillo) appeared in Acciones de grupo y de clase en casos de graves vulneraciones de derechos humanos (Universidad del Rosario, 2010). “Carbon Charges and Free Allowances Under Environmental Law and Principles” by Steve Charnovitz was published in the ILSA Journal of International and Comparative Law (Winter 2010). His “New Opportunities for Nongovernmental Actors in the International Law Commission” appeared on SSRN in June. Professor Charnovitz’s note on the U.S. safeguard in the China Tires case was published in the American Journal of International Law as “Contemporary Practice of the United States” in January 2010. He also posted a paper on the International Law Commission on SSRN. “The Alien Tort Statute and the Law of Nations” by Bradford Clark and co-author Anthony J. Bellia will appear this spring in 78 The University of Chicago Law Review. Lisa Fairfax’s “The Uneasy Case for the Inside Director” is forthcoming in the Iowa Law Review. Her article “The Model Business Corporation Act at Sixty: Shareholders and their Influence” will be published in the Journal of Law and Contemporary Problems as part of the symposium edition celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Model Business Corporation Act. Roger Fairfax published his edited book, Grand Jury 2.0: Modern Perspectives on the Grand Jury (Carolina Academic Press, 2010). His “Outsourcing Criminal Prosecution? The Limits of Criminal Justice Privatization” was published in The University of Chicago Legal Forum. Professor Fairfax’s “A Fair Trial, Not a Perfect One: The Early Twentieth-Century Campaign for the Harmless Error Rule” was published as part of the Marquette Law Review’s Symposium on Criminal Appeals. His “Delegation of the Criminal Prosecution Function to Private Actors” was published in the UC Davis Law Review. Rob Glicksman published “The Constitution, the Environment, and the Prospect of Enhanced Executive Power” in 40 Environmental Law Reporter 1102 (2010). He submitted the manuscript for a law review article to be published in Environmental Law (Lewis & Clark Law School), The George Washington University Law School Communications Office email:

Faculty News, Fall 2010

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