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'( 'DLO\(J\SWLDQ 6LQFH :HGQHVGD\6HSWHPEHU University’s credit line set at 1.3 percent RYAN VOYLES Daily Egyptian SIU is unlikely to borrow any money this calendar year, though it has established a line of credit for “a worst-case scenario,â€? said SIU President Glenn Poshard. Poshard said the university has established a line of credit of 1.3 percent after dis- ZZZGDLO\HJ\SWLDQFRP cussions between SIU’s finance department and agencies who rate debts. He said the rate SIU received is very favorable, with no upfront cost, and no fee for unused credit.  “It is wise to have it in case of a worst-case scenario happening,â€? he said. “If we don’t end up getting the money we need, then we need to borrow that at some point this year.â€? SIU is still waiting for more than $18 million from the state for the fiscal year 2010, which ended June 31, Poshard said. He said the state has until the end of December to give the university what it is owed, as the original August 31 deadline for the state to pay back public universities was extended to Dec. 31. Please see BORROWING | 6 9ROXPH,VVXHSDJHV Gov. Huckabee endorses Brady for governor CHRISTINA SPAKOUSKY Daily Egyptian Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee fired up an overflowing crowd of Republican activists during a party rally Tuesday. Besides Huckabee, Republican legislators stood behind Brady as he spoke to the crowd at the Williamson County Pavilion. After having been a governor for more than 10 years and lieutenant governor for three years, Huckabee said he had never seen so many legislators come out to back up Brady. “What people want is not only good government but they want clean government. They want government that acts with honor, and they also want a government that reflects who they are,â€? he said. Brady holds a 13-point lead over Gov. Quinn and has backing from 93 percent of Republican voters, while Quinn draws support from only 66 percent of Democratic voters, according to a Sept. 12 poll from Rasmussen Reports. Mica Matsoff, a spokesperson for Quinn, said Brady’s campaign proposals could be disastrous for the economy. “His George W. Bush economic policy will only set back the progress we’ve made recently,â€? Matsoff said. Huckabee, a current Fox News personality from Bloomington, served as Arkansas governor from 1996 to 2007, and after losing the 2008 presidential campaign, he formed a nationwide volunteer team to assist Republican campaigns. “You’re going to have a remarkable opportunity to bring to your PAT SUTPHIN | DAILY EGYPTIAN Joe Foster, of Harrisburg, holds up a sign in support of Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady at a rally Tuesday at the Williamson County Pavilion in Marion. Mike Huckabee, state capital, a governor that will have the support and cooperation and the will and commitment to get good things done for the people of Illinois,â€? Huckabee said to the crowd. Huckabee encouraged the crowd to contribute generously to the campaign as well as register to vote. “It’s less expensive to give to a candidate that will keep your taxes low than to let someone get elected who will raise your taxes,â€? Huckabee said. Matsoff said Brady’s plan only cuts taxes for the rich, offers fewer jobs, a larger deficit and cuts in higher education. former presidential Republican candidate and current Fox News channel talk show host, spoke in support of Brady’s candidacy during the rally that was sponsored by Citizens for Brady. “(Quinn’s) whole effort as governor has been focused on creating jobs and opportunities for Illinoisians,â€? Matsoff said. Several Tea Party members held signs endorsing Brady’s campaign. Sandy Foster, of Harrisburg, said she was there to support Brady and to re- mind students to vote in November. “Somebody’s vote matters and every vote counts, but you got to know what you’re voting for,â€? Foster said. Christina Spakousky can be reached at or 536-3311 ext. 258. Pointe residents holed up in hotel until further notice LAUREN LEONE Daily Egyptian Alexa Chamberlin has been living out of a hotel since the middle of August. Chamberlin, a senior from Marion studying early childhood education, said she was supposed to move in to The Pointe July 31, one of Carbondale’s newer apartment complexes. But Chamberlin said she is staying at the Ramada Inn until her apartment is built. She said she believes she has been lied to by The Pointe as its administration continues to push back her move-in date as was stated in the lease agreement. A week before July 31, Chamberlin received a call from The Pointe administration saying she couldn’t move in to her room until Aug. 15 due to ongoing construction in her building. The Pointe offered her a room at the Ramada Inn, but Chamberlin opted to live with her parents for two weeks. She said she moved into the Ramada Inn Aug. 15 to be closer to the university. The Pointe had a delay in construction and reserved rooms for the students with the hotel, said Manny Patel, general manager and owner of the Ramada Inn. He said more than two dozen students have stayed at the Ramada Inn because of the delay. Residents have the option to cancel the lease but Chamberlin said it’s difficult finding another apartment at this point in the semester. Please see POINTE | 6 Journalism director proposes to take unpaid leave to save jobs JACOB MAYER Daily Egyptian William Freivogel knew the School of Journalism would be hit hard this year by the proposed 4 percent budget cut. So Freivogel, director of the School of Journalism, asked to take a two-month unpaid educational leave that would be spread throughout the school %8'*(7 *(7 year, a move ,03$&7 that cost him about $17,000 but saved the school three positions, he said. With the university likely to face an $11.5 million shortfall for fiscal year 2011, Chancellor Rita Cheng said in an e-mail to university personnel Aug. 2 that she had asked each department on campus to submit plans for an average 4 percent reduction in its budget for the fiscal year. Freivogel said the school would have lost the faculty positions held by Carolyn Kingcade and Vicki Kreher, as well as receptionist Sherida Evans, who would have been reassigned to another department. The school had to come up with about $106,000 to save the positions, he said. After he received word during the first week of August about the cuts, Freivogel sent a note to Gary Kolb, dean of the College of Mass Communications and Media Arts, to explain how they would affect the school, he said. Freivogel then sent a counter proposal that included cuts in the school’s operating budget and his decision to take an unpaid educational leave, he said. Please see FREIVOGEL | 6

Daily Egyptian 09/15/2010

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