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what’s inside? Save the Date 2 From Your CEO & Board President 2 Troop Notes 4 As Seen on Facebook 5 Women and Young Women of Distinction 6 Fall Product Sale Kickoff 8 Summer Camp Recap 9 Girl Scout Silver and Bronze Awards 10 fall 2013 A recipe fit for the White House! Girl Scout, Alexandra Nickle, wins trip to meet First Lady. Could you imagine that being healthy and creative could get you an invitation to the White House? That’s what happened to Alexandra Nickle (nicknamed “Bananas”), a Girl Scout Junior from Troop 33 in Phoenix. As part of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Healthy Lunchtime Challenge,” one winning “chef” from each state was chosen to enjoy a “kid’s state dinner” at the White House in July. Alexandra’s mother, Lauren Nickle, received the notice in June while Alexandra was at Camp Maripai. Of breaking the news to her daughter, Lauren said, “I know phone use at camp is for emergencies only – no cellular, no nothin’ – but reporters were calling and calling to interview her! The camp director [Crystal Kilkenny] was so accommodating and we set up a day and time.” When Alexandra came to the phone, she didn’t know what her mom was calling about. “It was a surprise that the reporter was on the phone, who got to hear her reaction for the first time! It made her week even more amazing – the girls were all talking about it,” said Lauren. thrilled when President Barack Obama stopped by to congratulate them, too. According to the First Lady their meal was just like regular state dinners, except at this one, “you are allowed to use your hands.” The President joked that this special treatment “wasn’t fair” The recipe Alexandra submitted, “Banana’s Black Bean Burritos,” features mangos, black beans, and onions on a whole wheat tortilla. This creative, delicious and healthy recipe made the cut and Alexandra flew off to attend this once-in-a-lifetime lunch at the White House with Michelle Obama in July! At the lunch, Alexandra and the winning chefs from other states sampled some of the winning recipes. They were continued on PAGE 3. Building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.

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