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Title: The Real Author of Harry Potter 24-4-11 My name is Gregory Ronald Simcock. I am the original creator of the Harry Potter story, that Joanne Rowling has ‘Brazenly’ written-up and published as her story... which I had previously formed as story-boards of stories with the same seven title names! The book; ‘The Tales of Beedle The Bard’ was of my origin and ‘Willy The Wizard’ was a short story I formed when a visitor to my home asked about my story-board drawings! In this article I will claim to be the author of stories people around the world have grown to believe are by other authors. If you believe the facts I tell you then you will begin to realize there is more to the origins of stories claimed by a foreign author who is mentioned in this article. My stories were developed over ~17 years, beginning construction in 1978, until the theft of my stories in the 1990’s. They were formed as story-boards and written notes that showed graphically the theme, the scene settings, the animals, the characters, and their names. In a series of stories about a boy wizard named Harry Potter, my characters, their names, and stories titles, have appeared in the stories and film productions that have been titled with the same seven titles I created to present my stories about a wizard boy I named Harry Potter! In addition to the mentioned wizard stories being of my origin, I designed the book of short stories and its five stories set between the covers, which I named; 'The Tales of Beedle The Bard'! Much of my artwork was code marked and some marks have appeared in productions and in and on books. The publications by Jo Rowling carry some of my marks and so I have no hesitation to make the claims for titles and stories mentioned in my article. I ask that you open your mind to the truth. The extent of my loss is far greater than the drawings of stories of Harry Potter and the ones in the book of short stories. I had designed over 350 stories, formed of several thousand finely drawn pencil, pen, drawings and some coloured computer artwork. The graphic title in Harry Potter films was of an especially designed font I created around my home number and my initials. In the film; ‘The Goblet of Fire’ the verticle leg of letter ‘P’ in the name ‘Potter’ includes number 71 because it shows my home number. I worked it into the letter as part of my encoding method which I used to mark my artwork for my stories. The reader may notice the similarity of my author name ‘J.K.Rawling’ to that of ‘J.K. Rowling’. Where I emphasized the sylable ‘Raw’, as in a Lion’s ‘Roar’, Jo Rowling emphasizes the sylable ‘Row’ as ’Roh’ but some people emphasize her name with the ‘Raw’ sound and this causes some people to write my writers name as it sounds when they are referring to Jo Rowling in their comments. The phonetic sound of Rawling is different to Rowling but the theft of my stories of Harry Potter and the mis-pronounced name of Rowling further lessens the impact of my writers name. I designed my writers name to reflect my character in the form of a lion cub I named ‘Simba’ in my story of ’The Lion King’, for I am a Leo. I felt the name ‘Simcock’ was not an appropriate author name to use to present myself and my stories to the children I had designed my stories for. Some stories I had in their final stages, before marketing them, included; Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone (That was well formed as story-boards and included many drawings to show the theme elements intended for use in film production). There was; 'The Lion King', 'Finding NEMO', ‘Thomas The Tank Engine', 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad', ’Dennis the Menace', Mr. Bean, to name just a few of my stories. There were many adult stories story-boarded for making books or films. I was a cinema projectionist in the Army and I tended to draw scenes for my stories, as they were my way of self expression and my art was tangible. I valued my artwork as being worth a million dollars, to me, because my art was my personal work. The income I expected to receive from my stories productions was expected to be much greater. I see many products on the market that I invented or designed and I have mixed feelings about my seeing those products. Some of my thoughts have been written and can be read on my profile on Earnamint’s Channel.

The Real Author of Harry Potter

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