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UMEC Vision Statement Diversity Monologues is a competition that provides Gonzaga students the unique opportunity to develop and express their creative voice. Contestants ultimately perform live and share poetic stories of depth through their cultural lens that stirs the audience to reflect upon the human experience. Deconstructing Series The Deconstructing Series provides an educational forum to explore dominant traditions and ideologies from an alternative perspective. The intent is to stimulate dialogue, inquiry and reflection. Topics cultivate critical thinking and expand understanding of some prevalent historical traditions that continue to manifest in modern society in multiple ways. Ideas for topics are welcomed! Build a community of equity and inclusion that guides and challenges all to respect and value human difference. Unity  Multicultural  Education  Center  Office Location 709 E. Desmet Ave. (across from the COG ) 509.313.5836 509.313.5844 FAX Mailing Address Gonzaga University 502 E. Boone Ave. MSC 2466 Spokane WA 99258-0102 Join the UMEC Facebook Group Follow us on Twitter Mission In alignment with Gonzaga’s faith-inspired commitment to diversity, provide educational opportunities that cultivate mindfulness, intercultural development and support the benefits of a pluralistic and inclusive environment.

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