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19-25 April 2013 RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014 Vol. 2 No. 35  Pages 24  ` 7 Bride & Prejudice ISO 9001-2008 Certified ASHA PANDEY AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL Contact Us 0124-2353131/3232, 2352580, 4018944 { Maninder Dabas / FG } D ecades of unchecked sexselective abortions have made the once fertile state of Haryana suffer a drought of brides, making human-trafficking a lucrative and expanding trade. Often projected as a voluntary marriage, every year thousands of young women and girls are lured into the idea of a happy married life with a rich man in the State. Sadly, many ‘purchased brides’ are exploited, denied basic rights, coerced to work as maids, and eventually abandoned. With a skewed sex ratio in the State (877 females per 1,000 males), it is impossible to find a bride for each man, and so ‘importing a bride’ has become the solution. Further, with the tradition of not marrying within the same village, and eligible girls marrying the wealthier suitors, many men in villages are left unmarried – and often get addicted to drugs. “Haryana has around 6,000 villages, and almost in each of them there are around 6 to 7 such brides from other states. States like Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, West Bengal, Assam – and now even Kerala, have become the source of brides for the men in Haryana. A few of these women may be living a comfortable and peaceful life, but most of their ‘sisters’ are forced to live in inhospitable conditions – with Amicable Takeover (Palam Vihar) The tolerance of the residents of Gurgaon is now being severely tested, in almost every colony in the City. The developers (mainly builders really), who have got used to a ‘sellers’ market’ and ‘political patronage’ syndrome, do not really know how to cope with an activist citizenry. Their decades of hold on their ‘properties’, without taking any Completion Certificates, is now being challenged – in the Courts, and even on the road. Some ‘front’ maintenance companies (of the builders) have even been evicted. The politicians, and therefore the Administration, are keeping a close eye, with their hands fairly off, knowing that elections are not far away. The Town and Country Planning Dept., whose silence and acquiescence has been a key reason for this poor state of affairs, is now advising builders to let go. The RWAs who are taking over would be hard-pressed to find the funds for making up the infrastructural deficiencies…or for undertaking any further major investments (even for repair). Development charges (EDC and IDC), paid by buyers for their colonies, have long been eaten up by the State and the builders. The State needs to find a way to fund the RWAs for this deficient infrastructure (against the plans approved by the State itself)) – maybe by encashing some guarantees given by these builders. The courts surely would rule likewise. The Palam Vihar takeover is one of the latest. However, in this case the builder – Ansal – finally saw reason, and was then fairly positive in the negotiations. However, this would not compensate for the decades of poor maintenance of facilities, and poor services, rendered by most builders – despite taking huge deposits, and charging quite a sum monthly. Many builders have not even provided all the facilities and infrastructure as per the original approved plans - on the basis of which people invested their hardSee p 9  earned money. rampant sexual and mental harassment by the male members of the family. In some of the cases, we have found that the lady is used as a ‘common wife’. There even are cases where their offspring, who are believed to be the main reason for their being brought in, are denied their rights and proper treatment as heirs of the family,” said Dr. Amrita Yadav, Director, Women Studies Centre (WSC), Maharishi Dayananad University, Rohtak. WSC has done an extensive study in this field. Contd on p 6 

Friday Gurgaon April 19-25, 2013

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