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issue #01 - fall 2010 togetherness journal from hops to hopper EXTREMIS’ HOPPER PRESENTED AT INTERIEUR 2010 Hopper is the name of the latest tool for togetherness Extremis has got. Why? You will find out in our very own Extremis newspaper. Get your free Tremist beer at > p6 Interieur, cheers! > p 4 EXTERIEUR, THE OFFICIAL INTERIEUR AFTER-HOURS VENUE When the Interieur 2010 fair closes its doors at night, the doors of Exterieur open! For this fourth edition founder Extremis and the company AVC have decided to cooperate once again, together with Delta light, Villeroy & Boch, and Kordekor. The ambition of Exterieur is GENERAL INFO really simple: bringing people together after closing time during the Interieur 2010 fair in an environment where design professionals and addicts can meet, relax, and party ... Interieur 2010 has a highly-envied international reputation. With the organization of Exterieur, a couple of companies want to make an effort to make the whole event more attractive by offering an after-hours networking place. > p16 WORLD EXPO A review of the world expo in Shanghai. Extremis is present with a complete furniture range, from Gargantua to Abachus. > p 14 calendar > p 2 extremis, the brand > p 2 language lab > p 3 cooking class > p 4 product overview > p 8 product special Sticks > p 10 product special Kosmos > p 11 product special Donuts > p 12 projects > p13 world expo > p 14 ext adv > p 15 horoscope > p 15 1


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