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K�� Juda and Maria Diener Lower School H����� kkv kue Dedicated by Anna and Sol Zuckerman and Family Volume 4 Issue 4 June - July 2012 Sivan - Tammuz 5772 s”xc Samuel and Henrietta Scheck Middle School Ben Lipson Upper School Updated Name Preserves Legacies, Uni�es Brand TIMELINE Hillel’s updated name of Scheck Hillel Community School was unveiled at the school’s Annual Meeting on May 25, 2012. As clear as the community is about school pride, all have been uncertain at times about the name. From prospective parents looking the school up in directories to Upper School students registering for the SATs or applying to college, all have asked: Is it Hillel? Is it Samuel Scheck? Is it Ben Lipson? Is it Juda and Maria Diener? One thing’s always been for sure: “We know we love this place! But what is it called?” Some have thought the school to have many different names or one very long name. That’s why it needed ONE name to reflect ONE shared vision to serve as the finest Jewish international school. More than 40 years ago, the school was blessed to have been started in memory of a man committed to lifelong learning. As you see in the timeline below, the school has a beautiful story of how it has preserved not only his name – Samuel Scheck – but also the other great community leaders whose memories are for a blessing and for whom the school has named divisions. Samuel Scheck Hillel We adopted a Community Day School mascot of the lion. opened with our first logo. 1970s Early 1980s And as we grew, we updated the logo, and changed the lion to the huricane. Mid 1980s “We know we love this place! But what is it called?“ Hillel Community remains at the center of the Scheck Hillel Community School name. It’s the core of the school’s identity enhanced by names of those committed to Jewish education. These school and division names preserve legacies with practicality consistent with branding and identity, all while upholding deep tradition important to all. These names are the results of a thorough process involving input from students, parents, grandparents, alumni, faculty, staff and Board about the school’s name and identity. Thank you to those who participated and made all of this possible – specifically to the Lipson, Diener and Scheck families. Division names will continue on division-specific items, but you’ll see the single name roll out from uniform shirts to website to other fun ways to increase school pride. This is an exciting sign of growth, always connecting community to its roots. May these school names inspire learning for a lifetime l’dor v’dor. We named The Ben Lipson Hillel Community High School. We returned to our first logo. We named The Henrietta Scheck Middle School and The Juda and Maria Diener Elementary School. 1990s 2000s We introduced Hillel’s symbolic new logo 2007 Today, we identify a single missionbased name, while preserving division names. 2012 Hillel Awarded National Ignition Grant Thank you! As classes began to wind down and friends said goodbye for the summer, classroom lessons came to a close with final exams, parent visits and student performances. It has been an amazing year at Hillel, and we thank everyone for being part of this incredible community. Wishing all a wonderful summer vacation! 2011 Blue Ribbon School Hillel has been awarded a national grant by the Covenant Foundation to create South Florida’s Paradigm Project for Early Childhood Jewish Education Leadership. Hillel is one of only three schools in the country selected to participate in the 2012 project. The other markets are Greater Los Angeles and Boston. The Paradigm Project is designed to give educators skills and experience to enrich the school environment and ultimately expand and multiply the pool of promising young leaders within Jewish early childhood education. Valerie Lustgarten, Hillel’s Director of Lower School, ECE-Grade 2, said faculty and directors from area schools will meet throughout the year to train and become mentors for fellow educators to develop the finest Jewish early childhood leaders. Lustgarten is a Fellow of the Covenant Foundation. The program has 22 faculty members, including 10 from Hillel. The first training session was held May 24 at Hillel, which has been serving as a demonstration school for the past two years. “Educators will have the tools to become better teachers and directors as mentors and leaders within their schools,” Lustgarten said. The goal is to educate and energize a new generation with a vibrant vision of early childhood education, framed by and embedded in Judaism. Yasher Koach to Audrey Lederman, Laura Katz, Marcela Psevoznik, Lily dePaz, Sally Toledo, Jacqueline Poler, Carmi Harari, Tali Barhai, Orly Dromi, and Zena Parker for being nominated for this select project. For more information, please visit International Baccalaureate® IB World School learning for a lifetime

Kol Hillel June/July 2012

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