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FEBRUARY  2012 observer THE  OFFICIAL  STUDENT  NEWSPAPER  OF  ESSEX  COUNTY  COLLEGE SINCE  1968 THE  STUDENT  VOICE Governor  Christie   Visits  Irvington  Church   “Remember  that  you  are  in  a  house  of  God,â€? -­  Pastor  Ron  Christian  Reminds  Attendees By  Wintella  Powell and  Lev  D.  Zilbermintz   About   400   people   packed   Chris-­ tian   Love   Baptist   Church   in   Irvington   to   hear  Governor  Christopher  Christie  speak   about  crime  and  education.  The  event  held   January  19,  2012  was  organized  by  church   leaders   in   coordination   with   the   Gover-­ Photo  credit:  The  Seattle  Times QRUÂśVRIÂżFH   The  event  started  at  10  a.m.,  with   a  blessing  by  Reverend  Reginald  Jackson,   chairman   of   the   Essex   County   College   Board  of  Trustees.  Following  recitation  of   the  Pledge  of  Allegiance,  a  choir  of  three   Page  six young  children  sang  the  national  anthem. Pastor   Ron   Christian   of   Christian   Love   Baptist   Church   introduced   Governor   Christie.   The   pastor   asked   the   audience   to   act   respectably   to   each   other   and   the   elected   representatives.   “Remember   that   you  are  in  a  house  of  God,â€?  said  Christian. By  Ben  Potesky Mayor  Wayne  Smith  of  Irvington  called  on   Staff  Writer the  attendees  to  be  “very,  very  professional   and  respectfulâ€?  when  addressing  Governor   r.   Martin   Luther   King,   Jr.   Christie. should   have   been   at   home     Upon  entering  the  church,  Gover-­ with  his  wife,  children  and   nor   C hristie   received  a  warm  welcome  and   grandchildren   celebrating   a  standing  ovation. his   83rd   birthday   on   the   15th   of   this     In  his  speech,  Christie  talked  about   year.  Unfortunately  on  April  4th  1968   ZKDWKDSSHQHGEHIRUHKHWRRNRIÂżFH$F-­ cowardly   people   who   feared   MLK’s   cording  to  the  governor,  over  117,000  jobs   message   of   peace,   justice   and   equal-­ were  lost  prior  to  his  election.  Taxes  were   ity  ended  his  life  far  too  early.  MLK’s   raised  115  times.  Within  eight  years,  New   assassins  did  succeed  in  destroying  his   Jersey   became   the   state   with   the   highest-­ body,   but   they   did   not   succeed   in   de-­ paid   taxes   in  America,   said   Christie.   Be-­ stroying  his  message.  On  January  17th   cause   of   this,   people   began   to   move   out   2012  hundreds  of  people  from  all  over   of  state  to  Florida,  Virginia,  Pennsylvania   NJ   gathered   in   ECC’s   Mary   Burch   and  North  Carolina. Theatre   to   celebrate   his   life   and   ac-­   Christie  described  to  the  audience   Photo  credit:  Wintella  Powell complishments. Lawrence  Hamm,  delivers  passionate  speech how   he   had   to   make   some   tough   choices     The  event  was  hosted  by  Dr.   LQWKHYHU\ÂżUVWZHHNRIWDNLQJRIÂżFH$F-­ Akil  Kokayi  Khalfani,  the  director  of   FRUGLQJWR&KULVWLHVWDWHRIÂżFLDOVWROGKLP the  Africana  Institute  at  ECC.  Khal-­ ity.â€?  Dr.  Abdullah  emphasized  about  the   that  if  he  did  not  cut  two  billion  dollars  in   fani  opened  by  paying  homage  to  all   power  of  education,  and  how  even  today,   spending  in  the  next  three  weeks,  New  Jer-­ the  men  and  women  who  fought  on   for  anyone  to  truly  be  free,  they  must   sey  would  not  be  able  to  make  payroll  in   the  front  lines  of  the  civil  rights  move-­ have  an  education.  Recalling  her  child-­ March.  Realizing  that  the  state  was  in  seri-­ PHQWZKRVDFULÂżFHGWKHLUOLYHVLQ hood  in  the  South,  she  remembered  hav-­ RXVÂżVFDOWURXEOH&KULVWLHFXWWKHEXGJHW order  that  their  children  and  grandchil-­ ing  no  choice  but  to  go  to  “colored  onlyâ€?   two  years  in  a  row. dren  could  live  in  a  country  that  would   places  in  public.  Abdullah  said,  “I  say   Over  600  programs  were  cut  during  Chris-­ not  treat  them  as  second  class  citizens.   to  you  today  although  we  may  not  have   WLHÂśV WZR \HDUV LQ RIÂżFH EXW WD[HV  ZHUH The  ECC  head  then  turned  over  the   lines  for  white  and  colored  we  still  have   not  raised. stage  to  ECC  President,  Dr.  Edythe   engrained  in  our  society,  engrained  in  our     Christie  said  that  there  were  three   M.  Abdullah.  Dr.  Abdullah  opened   minds  things  that  separate  us  as  human   important   things   that   needed   to   be   ad-­ with  a  powerful  quote  from  MLK  “An   beings,  and  we  must  free  ourselves  from   dressed:   reduction   of   income   taxes,   im-­ individual  has  not  started  living  until   those  chains.â€?  Following  Dr.  Abdullah’s   proving  education  and  cutting  down  crime. KHKDVULVHQDERYHWKHQDUURZFRQÂżQHV powerful  speech,  Rev.  Lola  Akiwowo  led     By   way   of   example,   Christie   of  his  individualistic  concerns  to  the   an  opening  prayer,  followed  by  several   pointed   to   the   fact   that   “property   taxes   broader  concerns  of  all  humanity.â€?   fantastic  songs  performed  by  the  ECC   went   up   less   last   year   than   in   20   years.â€?   She  then  went  on  to  say  “MLK  was   choir  that  truly  embodying  the  events   This   was   accomplished   with   the   help   of   not  only  about  the  struggle  of  African   tone.   authorities  in  Trenton  and  Newark’s  may-­ Americans,  but  the  struggle  of  human-­ continued  on  page  two or,  Cory  Booker. Dr.  Martin  Luther  King,  Jr. In  His  Own  Words Remembering  Dr.  Martin  Luther  King,  Jr. D Photo  credit:  Wintella  Powell NJ  Governor  Chris  Christie   To  applause,  the  governor  said   that  he  wanted  to  cut  income  taxes  by   10%  and  raise  the  income  credit  for  the   working  poor.   Another  important  thing  is  the   education   system.   Christie   said   that   teachers  need  to  be  evaluated  to  ensure   WKDWWKH\DUHTXDOLÂżHGWRWHDFKFKLOGUHQ Any   teacher   who   does   not   have   the   necessary   teaching   skills   will   have   to   leave.   “The  criteria  for  the  success  of   the  school  system  is  not  based  primar-­ ily  on  your    zip  code,  but  on  the  quality   of  the  teachers,“    said  Christie.   Christie  said  that  only  “twenty-­ three   percent   of   children   in   Newark   graduated  with  a  high  school  diploma.â€?     The  governor  also  noted  that  his  great-­ grandparents  emigrated  to  Newark;Íž  that   his   grandparents   and   parents   lived   in   Newark  until  1967.   “My   parents   moved   out   of   Newark   in   1967   because   they   were   afraid   I   would   not   get   an   education,â€?   said  Christie.   Crime  was  the  third  important   issue  that  Christie  addressed.    The  gov-­ ernor  questioned  the  logic  of  releasing   violent   offenders   before   they   came   to   trial.       “They   should   keep   you   in   jail   until  you  came  to  trial.    If  you  are  ac-­ TXLWWHGWKDWLVÂżQHÂłVDLG&KULVWLH   The   governor   wondered   why   $27,000  was  spent  to  house  non-­violent   offenders.   By   comparison,   drug   treat-­ ment  costs  $12,000  per  year.   Following   his   speech,   Chris-­ tie   took   questions   from   the   audience.   A  member  of  the  audience  commented   continued  on  page  two Long  Lines  Plague  ECC  Bookstore  Buyback  Program By  Lev  D.  Zilbermintz News  Editor Photo  credit:  Wintella  Powell (&&VWXGHQWVÂżOO(&&%RRNVWRUHIRU)DOO Buyback  program.   A  long  line  of  students  snaked  to-­ ZDUGVWKH%X\EDFNRIÂżFHORFDWHGLQ front   of   the   ECC   Bookstore   on   Level   1.   Students  were  patiently  waiting  in  line  to   sell  their  college  textbooks  back.  Every  so   often,  the  line  would  inch  forward,  and    an-­ other  student  would  try  sell  his  or  her books.   According  to  the  store  policy  post-­ ed   at html    used  books  have  a  return  value  of  30   percent  of  the  purchase  price.  This  means   that  a  book  which  originally  cost  $60  will   be  sold  back  for  $20.   Used   books   can   be   returned   dur-­ LQJWKHÂżUVWWZRZHHNVRI)DOODQG Spring  semesters.  During  Summer  I  and  II   terms,  used  books  can  be  returned  during   WKHÂżUVWZHHNRQO\,QRUGHUWRUHWXUQWKH books,  the  student  must  have  the  original   purchase  receipt,  stated  the website.   ECCO  staff  talked  to  students  dur-­ ing  the  Fall    Buyback  program,  held December   12   –   16,   2011.   Most   students   were  resigned  to  getting  only    a  little  mon-­ ey  for  their  books. was   displeased   with   the   slow   pace   at   which  the  cashiers  worked. “Cashiers  need  to  put  more  effort,  pas-­ sion  in  their  job,â€?  said  Tabatha,  a  Social   Science  major. ECCO  staff  counted  at  least  twenty  stu-­ dents  waiting  in  line,  and  only  one  ca-­ shier  serving  them. Marva   Rudder,   the   Director   of   the   Bookstore,  defended    the  cashier.  In Izaias,   an   undecided   major,   said,   [I   take]   an   email   response,   the   director   wrote,   “Whatever   money   they   [the   Bookstore]   “The   cashier   performs   satisfactorily.   give  me.  Use  it  to  buy  books  for  next  se-­ No  complaints  were  ever  made  regard-­ mester.â€? ing  the  process.â€? Another   student,   Tabatha,   Class   of   2013,   Essex  County  College  303  University  Ave.  Newark,  NJ  07102 continued  on  page  two

ECCO February 2012

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