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Setlogo Sa Batau The History of Batau Masemola, Phaahla, Marishane, Mphanama, Mogashoa, Bapedi, Seloane The History and Origin of Batau people is very complex but in this 5 page Report by Dr Chris Kanyane, Ph.D (History) this history of Batau is made so clear and so interesting. Learn about the origin and genesis – the history of Masemola village, ga Phaahla village, Malatane, Byldrift, Marishane village and Mphanama. Learn about the fall of Batau and how they were assimilated into Bapedi and now only recognized as Bapedi Dr Chris Kanyane has Ph.D (History) obtained from Central Western University, Arlington, Texas (US). E-mail: Website: Copyright material You are welcome to share this material with as many other people as possible, only if you do not interfere with this document and that you keep it intact and unmodified 1|Page

The Origin, The History and The Genesis of Batau

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