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VoLume 25, number 17 mets PItch In to saVe LIttLe LeaGUe season P.13 JAnuAry 23-februAry 5, 2013 chIn chaLLenGer raIses $37K For coUncIL race By Josh rogers emocratic District Leader Jenifer Rajkumar hasn’t announced her plans yet to unseat City Councilmember Margaret Chin later this year, but she has already raised more than $37,000 for her campaign. Rajkumar said last week that she is “exploring” a possible run, and would wait until a formal announcement before discussing the campaign’s issues. She and Chin submitted their fundraising numbers to the city Campaign Finance Board last week. Rajkumar said she has been raising money for only two weeks. “I am very pleased and moved and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support right in the beginning,” she said. Rajkumar trails Chin, who has raised almost $97,000 from slightly more than 800 donors, but it is not hard for challengers to raise enough money to run a credible campaign. Under the city’s generous public finance system, donations up to $175 are matched at a 6-to-1 ratio. Rajkumar, 30, a Battery Park City resident and an attorney, d Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority It may take three years to repair the South Ferry subway station at a cost of $600 million — about the same amount spent in 2009 to expand and repair the stop. Once again, $600 million needed to fix up South Ferry Continued on page 23 By Terese Loeb kreuzer he Metropolitan Transportation Authority is now saying that it will take one to three years to repair Superstorm Sandy damage to the South Ferry subway station at the southern end of Manhattan. “Right now, it’s still too early to tell how long the repairs will take,” said Kevin Ortiz, a spokesperson for the M.T.A. “We’re still in the process of assessing the damage and deciding what the scope of the project to mitigate the station would entail.” He said that the M.T.A. plans to put the project out to bid “at some point this year.” According to Ortiz, the M.T.A. is considering whether to move some infrastructure t Jenifer Rajkumar higher and whether to modify the design of the station in order to make it more resistant to damage from future storms. In-house architects and engineers are doing the assessment. As a preliminary estimate, the M.T.A. believes that repairs would cost $600 million, and hopes to recoup this money from the federal government. Malcolm Bowman, professor of oceanography and a distinguished service professor at the Marine Sciences Research Center at Stony Brook University, said that the M.T.A. should not have been surprised at what happened. Bowman has been warning of potential storm surge problems for years. At a recent meeting of Community Board 5 15 CANAL ST RE ET • N YC 10 013 • C OPYRIG HT © 2013 N YC COMMU N ITY MED IA , LLC 2’s Environmental Committee, he recalled that several years ago he was involved in a documentary for a TV station at the South Ferry subway station while it was being renovated and expanded. “The station wasn’t yet finished,” he said. “It was just a concrete box, and I was down there with a film crew and the chief engineer of the M.T.A. and we were looking up these concrete steps to the blue sky and I said, ‘How far above sea level is that entrance?’ And he said, ‘11 feet.’ I said, ‘That sounds awfully low to me.’ He said not to worry. ‘It’s built to the building code and it’s safe against the 100-year storm.’ And I said that Continued on page 12


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