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VOLUME 25, NUMBER 11 NOVEMBER 3-NOVEMBER 13, 2012 DOWNTOWN HIT HARD, STARTS TO RECOVER H urricane Sandy was only a storm by Oct. 29 when it smacked Downtown but it still caused record floods of 13.9 feet. Thousands evacuated the area and subways are still not running. Most of the city had electricity throughout the storm, but Downtown is not expected to get power back until Saturday. The storm also flooded our offices, which is why the hard copy edition is being printed a few days late. We will continue to update as well as our Twitter (@DowntownExpress) and Facebook (Downtown Express) pages. NATIONAL GUARD SENDS TAKEOUT TO CHINATOWN Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess SANDY THE AXE I The storm knocked down a tree blocking the esplanade. See more on page 3. Damage Overlooked: Seaport Area Businesses Get Little Attention B Y A L I N E RE YN O LD S & K A IT LY N M E A D E Battery Park City has received most of the city’s media attention following Hurricane Sandy. But, of all the neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan, the South Street Seaport suffered the most damage, having experienced an eightfoot water surge that destroyed the interiors of many area businesses. Front Street business owners, whose restaurants and shops took the hardest blow, were emptying out their storefronts a couple of blocks away from the East River in the days and hours after the storm. While some are optimis- tic about re-opening in the coming weeks, most of the entrepreneurs are leaving future business plans up in the air until they have a clearer picture of the extent of damage and expenses. Fernando Dallorso, the owner of Stella Manhattan Bistro on Front Street, lost nearly all the furniture and equipment inside his sevenyear-old restaurant to water damage. “We don’t foresee any opening in the next month or so,” he said, distraught. “Ninety-nine percent of the stuff is going to be thrown away. Everything is useless.” Keg 229 and Bin 220, both on Front Street, BY SAM SPOKONY n a shaky yet mainly successful start to the National Guard’s increased presence in Downtown Manhattan following the impact of Hurricane Sandy, on Thursday night hundreds of desperate residents welcomed a massive delivery of food and water outside a Lower East Side public housing complex. The Guardsmen were originally scheduled to arrive to deliver the rations at 1 p.m. that day outside Smith Houses on Catherine St., near Cherry St. — but the people lined up waiting for hours for the drop-off became increasingly agi- also saw extensive losses, according to co-owner Calli Lerner. “It’s devastating — I don’t even know where to begin. These are our babies, these businesses,” she said. “We have to throw everything away…the tables, the chairs, the refrigeration that might have gotten damaged from the water, the computer systems and most of the technology.” Lerner continued, “We’re hoping that FEMA helps us out, we’re hoping that insurance comes through…and we can start to rebuild.” The Federal Emergency Management Agency has Continued on page 28 O N E MET ROT E CH CE NT E R NORT H, 10TH FLR • BROOKLYN , N Y 112013 • COPYRIG HT © 2012 N YC COMM U N ITY M ED IA , LLC Continued on page 30 MORE STORM COVERAGE INSIDE

Downtown Express, 10-2-2012

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