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VOLuMe 26, nuMber 5 FrInGe FestIVaL returns, P. 25 JuLy 31-august 13, 2013 cracKdown as soho shoPLIFters maKe out LIKe BandIts By Kai tLyn M eaDe iamond Goins was seen last week walking out of Soho’s designer Balenciaga boutique with a $1,200 handbag under his arm at 3:30 in the afternoon, police reported — without paying for it. The manager chased after 19-year-old Goins, who ran out the front door only to be tackled by a passerby who was walking down the sidewalk, recalled Luis Rosario, a security d Continued on page 10 seaPort FIrm owes $1.8m, LIu saYs By terese LOeb KreuZer ity Comptroller John Liu released an audit last week saying The Howard Hughes Corporation owes almost $1.8 million in back rent for leases at the South Street Seaport. The report faulted the New York City Economic Development Corporation, the master leaseholder at the Seaport, for failing to ride herd on the Dallas-based developer c Downtown Express photo by Milo Hess SHADOWY FIGURES A man and his kite on Saturday night on Tribeca’s Pier 25. CATS For MAYOR Continued on page 8 JOHN CATSIMATIDIS FOR MAYOR A New Yorker for all New Yorkers Paid for by Catsimatidis 2013 5 15 CANAL ST RE ET • N YC 10 013 • C OPYRIG HT © 2013 N YC COMMU N ITY MED IA , LLC


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