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VOLUME 26, NUMBER 2 storm ProtectIon P. 5 JUNE 19-JULY 2, 2013 waItLIsts end – search BeGIns For new schooLs By JOSh ROgERS nd then there were none. Lower Manhattan principals said Friday that their waiting lists have dropped to zero, meaning 5-year-olds without kindergarten seats are receiving offers to nearby schools this week. “I’m very happy — can’t you tell, I’m actually smiling,” said Ariana Massouh, a waitlisted parent who started a petition pressing the Dept. of Education to find space for the 148 children who a Continued on page 10 enJoY ThIS bonuS… ISSue Ark photo courtesy of Tamid, Downtown Express inset photo by Tequila Minsky A piece of the Mesertiz Shul’s ark, a religious relic which was saved by Tamid, The Downtown Synagogue, a new Jewish congregation that holds services in a church. This time, the ark itself needed saving By T E Q U IL A MIN S K Y he Lower East Side was home to about a half-million Jewish immigrants a century ago. About 350 synagogues — congregations in 70 discrete prayer spaces — dotted the neighborhoods south of 14th St. Some of these spaces were called shtiebelekh or shtiebels, just one or two rooms set aside T for prayers, others were grand buildings like Eldridge Street Synagogue. In between were tenement shuls; synagogues built within the property line, often, the size of a row house/ brownstone — narrow and long — sandwiched between other buildings. The last of these shuls above Houston St. closed in April, its space leased for luxury condo development. Its CATS For MAYOR sacred, two-story ark, which housed the Torah, seemed destined for Demolition Depot. But this historic religious relic, integral to the Orthodox synagogue’s building, was saved by Lower Manhattan’s newest Jewish congregation, Tamid, The Downtown Synagogue. Continued on page 26 Time may be moving fast, but not that fast. This week Downtown Express is publishing a special hard copy edition one week after our last issue. The change was made for internal scheduling reasons. We are returning to our biweekly schedule, and our next hard copy publication will come out Wed., July 3. If you like your information weekly, please sign up for our email blasts at JOHN CATSIMATIDIS FOR MAYOR A New Yorker for all New Yorkers Paid for by Catsimatidis 2013 5 15 CANAL ST RE ET • N YC 10 013 • C OPYRIG HT © 2013 N YC COMMU N ITY MED IA , LLC

Downtown Express, June 19, 2013

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