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HEALTH AND FITNESS SPECIAL VoLUMe 25, NUMBeR 21 MARCh 20-APRIL 2, 2013 P 10 - 14 rare Peeks at the wooLworth BeFore the BuILdInG’s centennIaL By T e Re se L oe B KRe U Z e R n April 24, 1913, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson pushed a button in Washington, D.C. that fired up dynamos in the basement of the newly finished Woolworth building at 233 Broadway in New York City. The lights in the building flashed on all at once as thousands of people in City Hall Park watched. Thousands more stood on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River to see the spectacle. Newspaper accounts said that people out at sea, 100 miles away, witnessed the flash of electric light. At the time, the Woolworth o building at 792 feet was the tallest building in the world. It remained so until 1930, when the Chrysler building surpassed it. As the Woolworth building celebrates its centennial, it is, of course no longer anywhere near the tallest building even in New York City, but many people still consider it to be one of the city’s most beautiful skyscrapers. The exterior, with its delicate tracery of terra cotta ornamentation and its copper-clad roof, is a wellknown feature of the skyline. The interior of the Lower Manhattan building is less well known except to the Continued on page 26 statue oF LIBertY to oPen JuLY 4 By KAITLyN MeADe Lady Liberty will reopen by Independence Day, in time to catch the second half of summertime traffic. In a teleconference on March 19, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar said that statue was on track to open by July 4 of this year, bringing back much-needed jobs and tourism to Lower Manhattan. The iconic statue has been closed since Superstorm Sandy roared into the harbor on Oct. 29, 2012. “Hurricane Sandy inflicted major damage on facilities that support the Statue of Liberty — destroying the docks, crippling the ener- gy infrastructure on Ellis Island and wiping out the security screening system — but we are fully committed to reopening this crown jewel as soon as it’s safe for visitors and not a second later,” said Salazar. Senator Charles Schumer, who was on the press call, was excited about the impact the reopening would have on the city’s economy. “Being open for the summer tourism season isn’t just important symbolically, it’s a boon to the city’s economy and businesses, as the statue attracts millions of tourists from all over the Continued on page 27 Downtown Express photo by scot surbeck TOWERING RUN About 15,000 runners raced by the Freedom Tower on St. Patrick’s Day for the NYC Half Marathon Sunday. The race finished up at the Seaport. 5 15 CANAL ST RE ET • N YC 10 013 • C OPYRIG HT © 2013 N YC COMMU N ITY MED IA , LLC

Downtown Express, March 20, 2013

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