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D-Day June 7-13, 2010 - March Edition Volume 4 Om a ha Be a ch F acel i ft: New B o ats, Pyr o, S oun d Wo rk W eek end sche du led Ma rch 2 7 and 2 8 Wo rk s ta r t s o n ne w b uil din gs in Caen Burning: Plenty of work is taking place at the Oklahoma D-day field. Winter has broken and the projects are happening. Vast areas of the field were burnt recently to remove underbrush and insects (ticks). Major areas have been burnt in the Caen and Sword area, as well as most of the western woods. More burning is planned as weather permits. Burning is done at night as the wind typically drops to lower levels. Omaha: Lots of changes in store for Omaha Beach. The first step was the removal of the old boats. With the stationary boats removed, the plan is to put concrete tiles (culverts) in the ravine and cover them with dirt. This will eliminate the wet, slippery conditions in the bottom of the ravine. Once this is completed, new stationary boats will be put in place. The new boats may be built from concrete blocks, concrete covered Styrofoam, dump tuck beds or something else. What ever the final product, they will be permanent and virtually indestructible. Big improvement from the old boats. Battleship gun emplacements will also be built. Omaha beach will also have a pyrotechnics display at game on and some amazing sound effect as the game plays on. Omaha Beach remain one of the most unique aspects of OK D-day. If you haven’t landed on the beach from the pontoon boat, you have missed one of the best aspects of D-day and paintball in general. The 1st Infantry Division, the 238th Engineers and the 5th Ranger Battalion are the 3 historically correct units who storm the beach at Omaha. (The 238th Engineers is the unit Dewayne’s Grandfather was in when he landed at Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944) Caen: With the burning completed in the Caen area, the next step was to clear areas using the bulldozer. Once that was completed, work started on the first of at least two, new, huge building. The building are being built out of giant Styrofoam blocks and will be covered in concrete. The first building has been erected and is awaiting concrete. The walls are 16 feet high! It’s located on the edge of Caen just as you enter the field from the camp ground. The next one will be built in the south west area of Caen. They should give Caen a new look and fight. Work in progress on new building at Caen. More photos on pages 10 and 11 Work Weekend: The Bunker has invited everyone who can make it to come out to the field over the weekend of March 27 & 28 for the Annual Spring Work weekend. Bring your tools and help them bring the field up to top notch playing condition. Camping on site is available and don't forget, bring your camera. Work is scheduled to take place on Sword Beach, Omaha Beach and other areas. Breacourt Manor (BCM): Breacourt Manor has been moved to the far north end of the field. It’s northwest of the German part of Utah. New trenches have been dug and new roads have been put in place. BCM will be an intense morning battle in June. These are just some of projects happening at the field. More updates next month. Most burning takes place at night as the winds typically die down after sunset Contact Steve Risken for placement of articles, information or ads:

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