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Friendship In the fall of 1834, there arose on the Williams College campus a matter of great concern to the faculty and students. Two secret societies were conspiring to place their members in high campus offices whether qualified or not. Convinced that the spoils of victory should be awarded to men on merit and not to unqualified men who used political clout to deliver them the prize, some students decided to act. On November 4, 1834, 30 men called a meeting in the Freshman Recitation Room of West College to discuss their plan of action. The result would be the formation of a Social Fraternity that would become Delta Upsilon. Character Delta Upsilon’s First 175 Years—Page 3 Membership 2 | DUEL 10 Alumni News 14 | Chapter News 18 Justice 17 De 5th lta Ce An Up leb niv sil rat er on’ e sa s ry Culture Volume 127, № 2 –Summer 2009

DU Quarterly: Volume 127, No. 2

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