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What he can do a) in front of a computer AutoCad Photoshop Rhinocerous Indesign Grasshopper Google Sketchup b) elsewhere Hand and fabricated model-making Work for long periods without sleep Print anything, on any shape, anywhere Where he learned the above Darcy Zelenko University of Melbourne, The _Retrospective Bachelor of Environments (Architectural Studies), 2010 - now, final semester Gippsland Grammar, Sale VCE, class of 2008 phoned on 12345 67890 checks quite a bit spends his spare time in Elsternwick How he ate while doing the above The Coffee Company Woolworths Bairnsdale early 2012 - now all-round knowledge of coffee, retail & some lifting 2009 - 2010 retail, shelf-stacking & liquor sales Who thinks he’s alright Marlon & Joel Lastname Current Employers, Whereheworksnow ph 1234 5678 Feats of strength Superstudio 2012, 40 hours awake

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