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A LITTLE BIT hi 39° | lo WEDNESDAY 27° november 28, 2012 t h e i n de pe n de n t s t u de n t n e w spa pe r of s y r acuse , n e w yor k INSIDENEWS INSIDEOPINION INSIDEPULP INSIDESPORTS Moving up Student Association President- Mo’ money, mo’ problems Constant conference Pie candy Meet the SU employee who Silver dollars The Syracuse Silver Knights are still trying to make elect Allie Curtis discusses her transition process. Page 3 realignments prove to be motivated by money. Page 5 SYRACUSE’S BOWL FATE also runs her own pie blog. Page 9 a profit in their second year of existence. Page 16 The Big East standings were thrown into flux last weekend after Louisville lost to Connecticut and Rutgers fell to Pittsburgh. As the conference’s standings became murkier, so did the conference’s representatives for its affiliated bowl games. Here are the non-Bowl Championship Series bowls that Syracuse may compete in, with CBS Sports’ projected matchups: UNCLEAR — Compiled by The Daily Orange Sports staff PINSTRIPE BOWL Date: Dec. 29, 3:15 p.m. LOCATION: YANKEE STADIUM, NEW YORK, N.Y. TEAMS: BIG EAST NO. 4 VS. BIG 12 NO. 7 LAST YEAR’S RESULT: RUTGERS 27, IOWA STATE 13 PROJECTED 2012 MATCHUP: SYRACUSE VS. WEST VIRGINIA BBVA COMPASS BOWL Date: Jan. 5, 2013, 1 p.m. LOCATION: LEGION FIELD, BIRMINGHAM, ALA. TEAMS: BIG EAST NO. 5 OR C-USA VS. SEC NO. 8 OR NO. 9 There’s a very good chance Syracuse ends up in the Pinstripe Bowl. The Orange has a strong appeal in New York, so attendance would likely be high. Plus, it would probably be a matchup against West Virginia, renewing a former Big East rivalry. The picture will be muddled if Pittsburgh beats South Florida this weekend to become bowl eli gible. Pinstripe Bowl officials could be inclined to choose the Panthers over the Mountaineers to bring back the “Backyard Brawl,” an intense rivalry between Pitt and West Virginia. That game could sell out Yankee Stadium. LAST YEAR’S RESULT: SMU 28, PITTSBURGH 6 PROJECTED 2012 MATCHUP: MISSISSIPPI VS. LOUISIANA-MONROE It’s hard to believe, but Syracuse could fall all the way to the BBVA Compass Bowl if the Pinstripe Bowl chooses Pittsburgh and the Belk chooses Cincinnati. The Panthers have to become bowl eligible first, though. SU could face the Southeastern Conference’s Mississippi or Louisiana-Monroe of the Sun Belt Conference. BELK BOWL Date: Dec. 27, 6:30 p.m. LOCATION: BANK OF AMERICA STADIUM, CHARLOTTE, N.C. TEAMS: BIG EAST NO. 3 VS. ACC NO. 5 LAST YEAR’S RESULT: NC STATE 31, LOUISVILLE 24 RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL Date: Dec. 28, 5:30 p.m. LOCATION: FLORIDA CITRUS BOWL STADIUM, ORLANDO, FLA. TEAMS: BIG EAST NO. 2 VS. ACC NO. 3 LAST YEAR’S RESULT: FLORIDA STATE 18, NOTRE DAME 14* PROJECTED 2012 MATCHUP: RUTGERS VS. VIRGINIA TECH The Big East’s second-place team — the loser of the game between Rutgers and Louisville — is almost certainly headed to this game. But the bowl could choose the Orange because it would create a matchup with a future Atlantic Coast Conference opponent, which could drive ticket sales. Syracuse’s explosive offense could also make the Orange a more exciting option than the Scarlet Knights. And unlike Rutgers and Louisville, Syracuse ended its season playing the best football it had all year. *Formerly called the Champs Sports Bowl PROJECTED 2012 MATCHUP: CINCINNATI VS. DUKE Syracuse is an appealing option for the Belk Bowl because it could be billed as a future ACC game. The Orange could also draw decent attendance in North Carolina. The winner of the game between Rutgers and Louisville on Thursday is headed for a BCS bowl appearance, which means the loser of that game, Cincinnati and Syracuse would be the next teams chosen. It might depend on whether or not Belk Bowl officials believe the Bearcats’ fan base would make the trip south. If not, the Orange would likely be headed for North Carolina. graphics by beth fritzinger | design editor Oil drilling on campuses may increase Hydrofracking on East Coast makes university oil rigs future possibility By Marwa Eltagouri NEWS EDITOR In the southern United States, oil drilling is rooted deep into the economy’s culture, and the industry’s presence on college campuses is commonplace. More than a dozen universities in states such as Texas, Ohio, West Virginia and Montana drill into natural resources on their campuses. And with hydrofracking making oil drilling possible in New York state and Pennsylvania, the scene of tanks and oil rigs near campuses — and possibly Syracuse University — could be a reality in upcoming years. Hydrofracking is a relatively new technology used by the oil and gas industry to extract natural gas from shale in areas where oil and gas do not flow as easily from higher permeable rock. Since shale, commonly found on the East Coast and specifically in New York state, has small pore spaces, enhanced extraction methods are needed to release the natural gas. In Pennsylvania, where drilling is being considered on six campuses, a new state law requires that universities with wells receive half the fees and royalties from the property leases, NPR reported on Nov. 20. Another 15 percent of the royalties would subsidize student tuition. Two techniques, horizontal drilling and hydrofracking, are combined to release the shale gas. Horizontal drilling extends a drill hole vertically through the rock and then horizontally along the shale gas bed, reaching a much greater volume of shale in one single drilling platform. Hydrofracking increases the flow of gas to the horizontal well, creating a network of fractures in the shale. Millions of gallons of water mixed SEE HYDROFRACKING PAGE 8

Nov. 28, 2012

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