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n e w s l e t t e r S E T E M / O C T O E R 1 9 9 5 ORGANIC SURFACES The "Organic Surfaces" Exhibition produced by the process of was opened at the Crafts Council sedimentation in rivers and seas. Gallery in July by Noelle Campbell Sharp, publisher and founder of Cill Rialaig in Kerry. "Organic Surfaces" is a display of craftwork where the focus of attention has been given to the surface of the work and nature's effects on those surfaces. The exhibition covers the work of 24 craftspeople from North and South all of the pieces on display were created specially for this exhibition and will not have been seen any where in the country before. Amongst the pieces on display are furniture; jewellery; wall hangings; "Most craft takes, as its starting point, a natural material which the maker manipulates, one hopes, to powerful effect. However, this exhibition challenged makers to work with their materials using processes which mirrored the creative processes found in nature itself", said curator Greg McAteer at the opening. These processes range from the aridity which results from intense etched glass; collages of organic materials such as grasses and stoneware. The Arts Show on RTE Radio reviewed the exhibition the week it opened and while the reviewer did criticise what he saw as "the usual mixed bag of a crafts exhibition", he did praise Anthony O'Brien's aptly entitled "Big Crusty Pot" along with glazed stoneware pieces by Catherine West. Hilary Pratt, Greg McAteer and Noelle Campbell Sharp at the opening of the Organic Surfaces exhibition. volcanic heat to the fluidity Photographs by Janet Ledsham from Belfast were also highlighted in the review and described as "intriguing". The "Organic Surfaces" Exhibition runs until early September. ?PPii|!|*S By the way, for those who have an interest in these things, 'Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet' strolled into the gallery during the opening reception much to the delight of the younger guests. Yes, the Crafts Council Gallery is a 'happening' place! Marti Pellow and fan.


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