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Oil changes just $2333 Every single day. COUNTRY CHEVROLET & CADILLAC, INC. Up to six quarts. Includes tire rotation. (Excludes diesels and synthetics. Plus tax and environmental fees.) 3299 HWY. 51 SOUTH ‫ ڰ‬COVINGTON, TN 38019 9 0 1 . 3 1 3 . 8 6 2 9 ‫ ڰ‬t r y u s c h e v y. c o m THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012 ▪ VO L . 1 2 8 , N O. 3 0 ▪ T H E VO I C E O F TIPTON COUNTY S I N C E 1 8 8 6 ▪ $1 School lunch prices on the rise By SHERRI ONORATI A price increase, approved by the Tipton County school board, will raise Tipton County school lunch prices $.25 for the 2012-2013 school year. The increase will pay for the new federal mandate, the Healthy Hunger-Free Schools’Act. Passed in December 2011, the mandate calls for its imple- mentation in all schools by the 2012-2013 school year. Guidelines for the act included requiring more fruits and vegetables to be offered daily; a weekly maximum calorie count for students and the introduction of whole grains at least three times a week. “With this new act we are required to serve more fruits and vegetables for the first year to all grades,” explained Henry Glass, Tipton County Food Services, during the May’s school board meeting. “It includes larger portion sizes, a maximum calories count for all meals and whole grains have to be served at least 50 percent during lunchtime.” Glass told the board that although the new requirements are federally mandated, the federal government will not fund the act. “This particular act passed by the government is an unfunded mandate and what that means is we’re going to have the same amount of money from the government that we’ve gotten for the past two or three years,” said Glass. “We’re going to have to come up with the money.” Glass proposed to the school board that the price of Tipton County’s school lunches be raised $.25. He explained that prices had not been raised in Tipton County since 1998. “You know at the grocery store the prices are going up every time you go to the store,” he said. “The government is saying they’re not going up on our reimbursements and we will now need the paying students who are full pay students to offset the shortage. I’m proposing that SEE LUNCH, PAGE A3 MASON EVENTS Mayor disputes claims made by alderwoman By SHERRI ONORATI LONG JUMP! The annual Area VIII Special Olympics took place on Friday, May 11 at Brighton High School with hundreds of students from Tipton and Lauderdale counties competing as well as service recipients from local adult development centers. Above, Brighton High School student Canduce Dyson, 14, completes the long jump. More photos appear on page A12. Photo by Sherri Onorati On the set: 'Turbulence and Love' Last week’s front page story in which former Mason alderwoman, Abbey Cross spoke out about the troubles her former town and mayor are having has struck a nerve with the town’s mayor, David Ward. He takes exception to the lies he believes she has told “She basically said because of the town’s troubles she had to move away from Mason, correct?” said Ward, citing the May 10 story. “But I have a resignation letter from her, dated Jan. 1, 2012 that is addressed to me, the town’s aldermen and the town’s attorney James Haywood and reads, ‘This letter is to inform you that I will be resigning my position as Alderman Abbey Cross as of January 1, 2012, due to the fact that I took on another job position and will be moving from the Town of Mason in a few months. I have enjoyed my time as Alderman. Hope you can fill my position with someone who has the town’s and the people’s best interest at heart. I have lived in the town of Mason since 1986 and have no regrets. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the town of Mason and its people.’” When interviewed by telephone yesterday morning, Cross’ explanation differed from what was reported in last week’s story. “Well, actually, it wasn’t just because of the towns troubles,” said Cross. “It was just that the aldermen of the town didn’t have no say so. So, I just, I was working for two different management companies and one of them offered me another position and so I quit Mason and got out of Mason, because Mason isn’t going to go anywhere.” Cross served the town as alderwoman from April 2009 until her resignation in January SEE MAYOR, PAGE A3 By ECHO DAY While many people wouldn’t call Covington a mecca for shooting movies, filmmaker J.Cleaves disagrees. For more than a month, Cleaves has been shooting “Turbulence and Love,” his second feature-length film, a family drama. His first, "Fast Money", was also filmed in Covington. “Covington is our hometown, I love Covington,” he said. “I just wanted to put Covington on the map where everybody will support us while we do the movie. That’s the whole reason why we decided to do it: Covington’s never had nothing like this.” Scenes for the film have been shot at Ray Lane, a home on Wooten Street, a local hotel, a barbershop and even in Brighton. The movie, written by CORRECTION In last week's edition, our top story reported that the Town of Atoka proposed a $12.2 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The town's proposed budget is actually $5.5 million; $12.2 million is the projected fund balance at the end of the fiscal year. We apologize for and regret this error. Reader’s Guide TODAY’S WEATHER Mostly sunny. High 75, low 52 INSIDE Opinion Faith Obituaries Education Community Director J.Cleaves, left, shoots a scene with Ulus Dye III and Ronnie Elkins at a home near Wooten Street while sound tech Nicholas White holds a boom mike. Photo by Jeff Ireland Ulus Dye III, is about two cousins. One is in love with his high school sweetheart, the other is affiliated in the streets, Dye said. www.p www ww pa p pat atr trriiio ot-b ot k Like Li ke u uss on on A1-3.indd 1 “They’re both just trying to find peace. The one in the streets is … trying to get away from the streets, but it leads to his best friend getting killed from getting away from the streets. There are three or four different things where people are just trying to find peace in life. Going through ups and SEE MOVIE, PAGE A2 A4 B4 A6 B8 A7 Sports Classifieds Puzzles Legals Correspondents B1 B6 B3 B7 A8 SMART MEDICINE Baptist Memorial Hospitals are celebrating a century! Don't miss our complimentary Smart Medicine guide. HOW TO REACH US Call 901.476.7116 Fax 901.476.0373 Email Visit us at 2001 Hwy. 51 South, Covington, TN 38019 Congratulations to our Brighton, Covington, Munford and Tipton Rosemark Academy graduates! www.patriotbankmor k orttg tgag tgag age com om “Downhome Banking the Way It Should Be” 5/16/12 6:19:50 PM

The Leader - May 17, 2012

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