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® Southeast Edition $3.00 Published Nationally “The Nation’s Best Read Construction Newspaper… Founded 1957.” June 8, 2013 • Vol. XXV • No. 12 • 470 Maryland Drive • Ft. Washington, PA 19034 • 215-885-2900 • Toll Free 800-523-2200 • Fax 215-885-2910 Inside AAA Carolinas Names Worst Bridges on I-26 Hills Machinery Opens Case Dealership…8 Fun Spot America is celebrating an expanded park featuring new rides and attractions, including the gigantic and hair-raising SkyCoaster ride. TEC Celebrates 70 Years in Business…28 Sky’s the Limit: Fun Spot America Expands Park By Mary Reed CEG CORRESPONDENT FAE Eve nt F eatur es New Att achments …4 2 Table of Contents ................4 Air Compressors, Generators & Light Towers Section ........ ......................................47-52 Paving Section ............53-65 Parts Section ................66-67 Auction Section ..........86-95 Business Calendar ............90 Advertisers Index ..............94 Charles Dickens observed that everything is fun to a young heart. Now the latest ride at Fun Spot America (formerly Action Park) in Orlando, Fla., will delight young and old — provided they have brave hearts. The grand opening of the park took place in June 1998. Now, 15 years later, on its birthday on June 8, they celebrated an expanded park featuring new rides and attractions, including the gigantic and hair-raising SkyCoaster ride. “SkyCoaster is the name of a ride that is in see SKY page 74 COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) AAA Carolinas said South Carolina’s six most substandard bridges are all on Interstate 26. The travel organization said June 4 that the worst bridge in South Carolina is over a railroad track on I-26 just east of the Interstate 126 exit near Columbia. The bridge was built in 1958 and carries about 550,000 vehicles every week. It has been the state’s worst bridge in all but one year since 2000. AAA said three more bridges on I-26 in Lexington County and two in Charleston County are among the six most substandard bridges in the state. The group said the bridges are in relatively poor condition and are not designed to handle that volume of traffic. Seven bridges in Charleston County made AAA’s list of the 20 most substandard bridges in the state. Richland and Lexington counties each had three bridges and Greenville and Spartanburg each had two bridges make the top 20. Only two of the bridges are undergoing construction to make them better. Three of the bridges have been approved to be replaced, while no work is planned on the other 15 bridges on AAA’s list. “Inadequate funding for road and bridge maintenance over the past decade means we see BRIDGES page 30 Americans Place High Value on Infrastructure Many Americans are not sure how much money we personally pay every month to maintain and improve the roads, bridges and public transit we use. But 75 to 80 percent of us say having safe, efficient and well-maintained transportation infrastructure is at least, if not more, important to our personal livelihood and well-being than good cable, cell phone, Internet, water, sewage and household electric- ity and natural gas services. Those are key findings of a first-ever national poll conducted to see how valuable Americans think our road and transit network is to the nation, our everyday life, and relative to other modern necessities we routinely rely upon. The poll found we place a high value on good roads and public transit because: • 8-in-10 of us (78 percent) say driving a motor vehicle is “very” or “extremely” important to our ability to conduct our daily lives. Twenty-one percent (including 34 percent of low income respondents) say the same about using public transportation; • Nearly 9-in-10 (88 percent) say transportation infrastructure is important to maintaining a strong U.S. economy; see POLL page 22

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