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THE OUTLOOK: 2013 continued from page 28 Hiring Plans in 2013 Development Drivers T echnology vendors, much like pharmacists themselves, are constantly navigating the demands of regulatory and market requirements. One such item is DEA approval of e-prescribing for controlled substances, which requires system vendors to have their software audited for compliance with the DEA requirements. Our survey found that three pharmacy system vendors completed this auditing process in the past year, and that six plan to complete the audit process in 2013. The survey also found that development efforts will include finding ways to bring pharmacy more tightly together with the broader community of healthcare providers as an active participant in accountable-care organizations by providing a range of community-based clinical services. The goal for pharmacy here, as summed up by PDX’s Jeff Farris, is to move away from a “fee for service” model to a “pay for performance” model, where the pharmacy is rewarded for the role it plays in improving outcomes and reducing costs. 2012 As in past years, we find the technology companies continuing to hire. More than 85% of the vendors participating in the survey said they would be adding staff in 2013. Where is this likely to happen? JAN Customer technical support. Software development. Installation and training. Project management. Quality assurance. Another big development driver in this area, according to Retail Management Solutions’ Mike Gross, are regulatory continued on page 32 Increase your Pharmacy Revenue and Profitability PrimeESC Electronic Signature Capture PrimeDMS Document Management System PrimePOS Point of Sale Decrease Dispensing Errors Increase your pharmacy efficiency... PrimeDELIVERY In-House and Wireless Delivery Module Complete communication module (Online Refills, SMS/Texting, Email) C Electronic Signature Capture PRIME D E L IVE R Y PrimeWEB Customized Web Sites/ Portals for Pharmacies M Y CM MY CY PrimeRx Pharmacy Management System CMY Call today, and see how our Prime line of products can assist you in achieving your goals PrimeCENTRAL Central Data Reporting for Multiple store owners We help the pharmacies of today … become the pharmacies of tomorrow... K 866 495 3999 • 516 408 3999 30 ComputerTalk


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