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ourcolorado CLASSIFIEDS TO ADVERTISE, CALL 303-566-4100 Instruction .com Landscaping/Nurseries If You’re Ready For A Rewarding Career... This Is For You! Assist to Succeed Dental Assisting School Approved and Regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education For Private Occupational Schools 10 Saturdays ... Only $3,995 Classes Start August 31st in Colorado Springs (719) 332-6146 or (719) 599-0700 • Help Wanted Liquor Store Clerk FT/PT nights, weekends, stocking, cleaning, must be 21. Apply in person Monument Liquor Mart 15756 Jackson Creek Parkway (WalMart/Home Depot center) Farm Products & Produce Grain Finished Buffalo quartered, halves and whole 719-775-8742 Tree Service Tree Cuts $40 - $80 Fire Mittigation 719-306-6960 Call for free estimate Like us on Facebook Like us on Like us Facebook on Facebook

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