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Earn 12%-14% annualized return with no stock market risk. Fixed DOUBLE DIGIT returns and predetermined results. STUART HUTCHISON • FINANCIAL ASSURANCE GROUP Call 805-698-5778 • email Council approves new sustainability policy, hears IPM ups and downs BY Cat Neushul Crafting policies that will promote sustainability is a necessity for many local governments, and the City of Carpinteria is no exception. On Jan. 27, the city council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution meant to be a guide to help the city design and support programs and projects that promote sustainability and resiliency. The Sustainable Community Policy does not list specifics. “This plan is general. That is the intent,” said Shanna Farley-Judkins, city assistant planner. “We want it to be a dynamic policy that can change.” She added, “We hope that in 10 to 20 years we’ll have cohesive actions.” The resolution takes a three-pronged approach, dividing sustainable activities into categories—economic vitality, environmental stewardship and community health, safety and awareness. The items in these categories are often inter-dependent. For example, economic vitality is connected to property values, which can be affected by harsh storms or flooding. “It is important to have a holistic approach,” said City Manager Dave Durflinger. As part of her presentation, Farley identified a long list of programs and activities already in place that support the concept of sustainability, including single-use bag regulations, take-out food container restrictions, watershed management programs, buy local programs and the electric shuttle system. Mayor Brad Stein said, “It is nice to know we have been working on this for a while, before it was ‘in’ to be sustainable.” During the presentation, Jackie Campbell, the city’s community development director, also talked about what the city is doing to compile information about the rising sea level and its effects on Carpinteria. Campbell said she has been working with scientists and researchers from UCSB, Scripps Institute and a variety of other organizations to collect data. “Science can be used to decide how to move forward,” she said. CITY COUNCIL continued on page 4 Everything I list turns to SOLD! 805-886-0228 This week’s listings on the back page John Cerda named 2013 Carpinterian of the Year BY lea BoYd Applause roared through the Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club gymnasium last Saturday night when John Cerda’s name was announced as 2013’s Carpinterian of the Year. Cerda, a native Carpinterian who has given thousands of hours back to the community, said that he was shocked to learn that he would join the ranks of the 55 other great Carpinterians recognized for their volunteerism, generosity, community service and accomplishments since 1958. “I’m pretty intuitive, but this went right over EvELYn CErvAnTES me,” Cerda said. “I had John Cerda humbly accepts his Carpinterian of the Year award during no idea.” th the 56 annual Community awards Banquet, orchestrated by the In the long tradition of Carpinterian of the Year Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce, on Jan. 25. announcements, the prior year’s honoree presented its seventh year, Cerda’s Mariachi Encuentro event a series of clues describing the 2013 winner before held each spring brings world class mariachi bands announcing his name. Lou Panizzon, the 2012 COY, to perform for local audiences. The annual concert labeled Cerda as a “homegrown” Carpinterian who has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Girls Inc., served as student body president at Carpinteria High increased awareness of Cerda’s favorite musical School and went on to dedicate his time to myriad local genre and brought joy to listeners young and old. causes, including St. Joseph Catholic Church, Kiwanis “It hits you in the heart,” Cerda said of his passion Club and Carpinteria High School Boosters Club. By for mariachi. this time, Cerda said, he felt a lump in his throat as he Presenting the newly crowned COY with a conrealized that he was being described. gressional commendation, Congresswoman Lois “I do these things because I enjoy working on Capps noted that Cerda has assumed the title “the these projects for a good cause. I’m not out for any connoisseur of mariachi” around town, and now recognition for it,” Cerda said. He named Panizzon, he has a new title to claim, Carpinterian of the Year. Jim Bashore and Chuck Kelsey among those who in“Judging by the applause when you were anspired him over nounced, this town agrees with that title,” she said. the years. Cerda is also well known for his grilling acuIn the last men. He chaired the barbecue booth of the St. several years, Joseph Church Festival for 20 years and, with his Cerda has family, has donated barbecue dinner parties to served as the auctions benefiting Carpinteria Boys & Girls Club conduit beand Girls Inc. tween CarpinLeveraging good food and good music to bring terians and about community good is a unique talent of Cerda’s. mariachi muWhen asked about his winning strategy, Cerda said sic, all for the with a laugh, “Food and music bring people together benefit of Girls and makes them happy.” Inc. of CarpinFor full coverage of the Community Awards BanStory on page 15 teria. Now in quet, see pages 14 and 15. Matthew Rodman awarded Jr. Carpinterian of the Year Matthew pictured with his grandparents Jean and Clark Volmar SHIRLEY KIMBERLIN

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