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Community Newspapers CONNECTING THE COMMUNITY SINCE 1958 Miami Gardens JULY, 2011 Councilwoman Lisa C. Davis Honors Silver Knight Recipients INSIDE THIS ISSUE ••••••••• DREAM COME TRUE ••••••••• BETTY T. FERGUSON RECREATION CENTER ••••••••• CALENDAR OF EVENTS ••••••••• ast month at the bi-weekly City Council meeting, Councilwoman Lisa Davis, Seat 2 of Miami Gardens, honored four young aspiring student achievers from Miami Carol City Senior High School who were awarded the prestigious Miami Herald Silver Knight Award. The four young honorees, Jazmin Lightbourn, Stephanie Jennings, Ba’Carri Johnson, and Adrianna Mozell were recognized for being model students who excelled in their academic studies and successfully dedicated themselves to providing a service to the community in order to improve the lives of others. Where they found a need, they met the need! They each had a vision of how things could be better, and rather than wait for someone else to do it, they took it upon themselves to make a difference and make an impact. The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards is one of the nation’s most prestigious student awards programs. Founded in 1959 by John S. Knight, past publisher of the Miami Herald, it recognizes high school students who not only excel academically, but also go above and beyond their own needs and desires to make significant service contributions to their schools and/or communities. A typical Silver L Knight is well-rounded, with a high GPA (the minimum unweighted GPA required for nomination is a 3.2), they are heavily involved in school and in the community, they are often in leadership positions in various school clubs and/or student government, make various community service contributions, and organize one major project which they either spearheaded or demonstrated outstanding leadership in building and contributing too. “It is so important we recognize our children for what they have achieved. This is a ––––––––––––––––––––––– See SILVER KNIGHT, page 2 Councilman André Williams Helps Miami Gardens Residents Save Their Homes From Foreclosure or the past two years, Councilman André Williams has been assisting homeowners in Miami Gardens and South Florida who may be victims of predatory lending practices or struggling with their mortgage payments. While some individuals say they are seeing signs of an economic recovery, others are still stressed with debt and see no signs of relief. “It’s in our best interest to do whatever we can to keep people in their homes and help struggling families especially if we are looking F forward to an economic recovery,” says Councilman André Williams, Seat 3, of the City of Miami Gardens. Two years ago, Ruby Milligan received a foreclosure notice from her bank. Ruby, a retiree and grandmother, was supposed to be enjoying her retirement, but now she had to worry about saving her home. Taking a proactive approach, she attended one of the many ––––––––––––––––––––––– See FORECLOSURE, page 2 Councilman André Williams

Miami Gardens July 2011

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