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In State of the Unions, Ed Ott (right) looks to the future of the CLC and organized labor (Page 3), SUNY reform gets underway (Page 22) and Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum (left) talks turkey sandwiches at her Power Lunch August 2007 THE Bloomberg KI*DS Former Bloomberg staffers Silvia Alvarez, Jordan Barowitz, Patrick Brennan, Joe Chan, Jennifer Falk, Jonathan Greenspun and Marc Ricks check in from their new positions and reflect on their time in the Bloomberg administration. Page 28 INDEX: JOE Bruno’s inside track on the big three: he is riding high, Silver is a disappointment, Spitzer should get out of politics Issue Forum: Organized Labor/ Unions Page 4 SIBRO looks to link Staten Island and Brooklyn Page 12 Race for New York City Clerk takes shape Page 21 Pundit Poll: The Congestion Pricing Fallout Page 24 Worries Over Changes to New York’s no-fault divorce law Page 26 The August Poll: Which Council Member Would Make the Best Lifeguard? Page 33 (Page 32) STEAMROLLER BY EDWARD-ISAAC DOVERE J oe Bruno bets the exacta box. That makes for a harder gamble—instead of just putting his money on one horse, he needs to guess which two will come out on top. As long as one places first and the other second, he wins, and collects a bigger payout for the double bet at the window downstairs. He has $4 on the fifth race, hinging on horses 4 and 8. From a distance, the horses seem to be gliding, tearing around the oval track as the baritone announcer narrates their progress. Bruno watches intently. They start down the stretch. He tenses slightly. One of his picks is ahead, the other one back in third. “Come on, baby,” he says. “Come on.” They whip past. Split seconds before they hit the finish line, he can see that 4 has slipped behind. He shrugs slightly, raises his eyebrows. And then he continues the conversation. “You go on to the next,” he explains. “You play hard, CONTINUED ON PAGE 17 EMILY ROSENBERG Vol. 2, No. 3 CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

City Hall - August 1, 2007

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