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Central Methodist University • Fayette, Mo. Vol. 141 • No. 8 • November 20, 2013 • Survey says: Courses, dorms top student concerns By JANE GONZALEZ-MEYER COLLEGIAN REPORTER A few weeks ago I conducted a survey in which I asked students to write down something they would like CMU to improve upon or change. I told them they could not say: tuition, parking, or the cafeteria food, because those are things everyone talks about all the time. I wanted to do this survey for a multitude of reasons, the first being that I wanted to make students think beyond their usual, daily thought processes. Rather than accepting things for what they are, why not question the system? Why not want change? If they ask for improvement, and, in turn, help come up with a solution, then CMU as well as their college experience will be that much better. The second reason for the survey was to present an opportunity for Central Methodist University. I hear concerns all the time about retention, as well as ways to draw students in. What better way to come up with solutions than by asking CMU students themselves? After going through the responses of my peers, I realized that many of them shared the same concerns. Shown here are the top seven responses (the rest were random answers that only one or two students shared). All the responses students gave were ones that CMU could do, whether it’s within the next year or 10 years from now. School should be about the students, and asking students what they want from their college experience is one sure way to move forward. Without students, Central Methodist University would cease to exist, so showing interest in their concerns would go a long way. Survey responses in order: • Courses/Degree Programs: More course options, hiring more faculty, and better course equipment • Dorm Room Issues: Improve AC/heaters in rooms, update rooms, and improve bathrooms • Off-Campus: Provide more Survey Responses At a Glance Graphic by Jane Gonzalez-Meyer off campus housing and change requirements to living off campus • Lack of Campus Activities/ Organizations: Provide more activities and groups for students to participate in • Campus Internet/CMU Websites: Improve the internet services so the students can access information more easily • Lack of Hangout Spots: Put in a coffee shop and more areas that students can utilize •Adjust Meal Plans: Give students a refund on the money they don’t use, or allow them to roll over meals if they don’t use all of it in one week Below are the statistics from the survey: • Total Responses- 115 • Male — 43% • Female­­­­—57% • Freshman — 13.9% • Sophomore — 22.6% • Junior — 35.7% • Senior —27.8% CMU student takes top trumpet honors Ann Marie Pelley Ann Marie Pelley, A Central Methodist University music education major, has taken top honors at the Missouri Music Teachers Association (MMTA) competition held Nov. 8 in St. Louis. Pelley plays trumpet and piano. In the competition (hosted by Washington University) she bested college and university students from throughout the state to take first place in trumpet in the Collegiate Brass—Upper Division category. Pelley is a student of John Perkins, associate professor of music. Dr. Perkins points out that at the MMTA Competition, Central students compete against musicians from colleges and universities of every size, most much larger than CMU. Central students often win awards in this contest, but first place finishes are not common. The comments from the judge included, “This is the best trumpet sound I’ve heard in two days.” The judge also praised her for her technical virtuosity and her “wonderful sound.” Ann Marie is a junior from St. Peters. Among other honors she has received at Central, last spring she was awarded The Helen Puckett Thogmorton Award for Excellence in Music. In addition to playing trumpet in marching, concert, and jazz bands, she accompanies a number of groups on campus on the piano. Perkins has taught high brass at Central since he joined the faculty in 2004. He plays trumpet in numerous groups around the region, some professionally and others simply for fun. In addition to performing with the Missouri Symphony Orchestra, he spends each July as the principal trumpet for the Shippensburg Festival Orchestra in Shippensburg, Pa. Inside! A day in the life of CMU Student Government President Geofrey Bilabaye — Pages 4 & 5.

The Collegian: Vol. 142 No. 8

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