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Volume Distribution10,000 10,000 Volume123, 123,No. No.123 76 Distribution Serving the University of Virginia community since 1890 The WEEKEND Cavalier Daily EDITION Thursday, February 21, 2013 Kerry makes first CHECK OUT our election COVERAGE Election and Honor Interviews Online Former Senator delivers first speech as Secretary of State, talks sequestration, foreign aid’s true purpose You Tube ENDORSEMENTS: Chris MacDonald | Cavalier Daily By Krista Pedersen Cavalier Daily Senior Writer Secretary of State John Kerry gave his inaugural public address Wednesday morning in Old Cabell Hall, speaking on a wide range of foreign policy topics, but also a share of domestic issues, including the ongoing sequestration battle in Congress. Kerry said he selected the University as the host of his first address in honor of the fact that its founder, Thomas Jefferson, served as the United States’ first Secretary of State. He was introduced by University President Teresa Sullivan, Rep. Robert Hurt, R-Albemarle, and Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va. Central to his speech from the onset was the principle that domestic strength increases America’s influence and security abroad. “Why am I in Old Cabell Hall and not Kabul, Afghanistan?” he asked the full auditorium to open the address. “I came here purposefully to underscore in today’s global world there is no longer anything foreign about foreign policy.” The Secretary was confirmed to his position Jan. 29, a role that was held for four years by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who prioritized the promotion of women’s rights and education on a global scale. Kerry’s speech offered a glimpse at a foreign policy agenda guided by the promotion of domestic economic strength. In his new role, the former Democratic Senator from Massachusetts shied away from partisanship but obliquely criticized the ongoing sequestration battle in Congress, saying its effects would hurt America across the globe. His words were met with waves of applause from an audience of students who face the challenge of entering the job market in a weakened economy. “It is often said that we cannot be strong at home if we’re not strong in the world, but in these days of a looming budget sequester that everyone actually wants to avoid — or most — we can’t Please see Kerry, Page A2 President, VPO, VPA lead editoral see A6 READ the lead editorial on elections on A6 Koller explains Taxi offers police data Coursera goals Following attempted abduction Sunday morning, Yellow Cab aids investigation The Yellow Cab and Anytime Taxi installed new GPS and recording systems, which allow them to determine the names and phone numbers of those who request taxi services. Owner Mark Brown said the equipment was helpful for finding lost cell phones and other items misplaced by taxi patrons on weekend evenings. Stanford Computer Science Prof., company co-founder seeks to offer low-cost online education globally By Kaelyn Quinn Cavalier Daily Senior Writer Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller, a Stanford computer science professor, spoke Wednesday at the Education School about the future of online learning and its humanitarian implications. Koller co-founded Coursera last April with fellow Stanford Please see Coursera, Page A2 Dillon Harding Cavalier Daily By Joseph Liss Cavalier Daily Senior Associate Editor Dillon Harding | Cavalier Daily Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller spoke about her company’s mission to make education widely available at the Education School, above, Wednesday. Fo l l o w i n g a n a t t e m p t e d abduction of a female University student early Sunday morning, the Yellow Cab and Anytime Taxi companies supplied the police with information about potential suspects and witnesses to support the ongoing investigation. The student was trying to hail a cab and got into a car. Instead of the driver bringing her to her dorm on Alderman Road, the driver drove to near Kellogg Dorm and tried to assault the student before she escaped, according to a Uni- versity-wide email from University Chief of Police Michael Gibson. Mark Brown, who owns both Yellow Cab and Anytime Taxi, said global positioning systems, recorded calls and tablet computers inside taxis were all used to assure none of his drivers had gone from the area of 513 Rugby Road, where the abduction took place, to Kellogg Dorm. Brown said this meant it was unlikely one of his drivers was involved. “They set up a geo-fence around that pick-up [location and] then we set up a geo-fence around the Kellogg Dorm ... to see if any cars were around that location around that same time,” Brown said, referring to a virtual fence used to track taxi flows in a certain area. “We didn’t have any cars that are inside both [at the time of the incident.]” Brown said all calls to his companies are recorded, so he was also able to provide police with the names and numbers of potential witnesses who had requested a taxi in the 513 Rugby Road area that evening. University Police Lieut. Melissa Fielding said in an email Yellow Cab had been cooperative in the investigaPlease see Taxi, Page A2 Board names new dorms BOV Committee approves Lile-Maupin, Tuttle-Dunnington, Shannon houses By Kelly Kaler and Jiaer Zhuang Cavalier Daily News Editor and Staff Writer The new dorms in the Alderman Road Residence Area will be named the Lile-Maupin House and the Tuttle-Dunnington House, the Board of Visitors’ Buildings and Grounds Please recycle this newspaper Committee decided Wednesday afternoon. The Lile-Maupin House and the Tuttle-Dunnington House both combine the names of dorms that either have been or will be demolished in an effort to preserve the memories of their respective namesakes. A third residence hall will be named the Shannon House in honor of the fourth president of the University, Edgar Shannon. The motion naming these buildings passed unanimously. The Committee also passed Please see Board, Page A2 Dillon Harding | Cavalier Daily The Board of Visitors Building and Grounds Committee met in the Special Collections Library Wednesday to discuss the budget and named new dorms. News Desk...................(434)326-3286 Ads Desk......................(434)326-3233 Editor-in-Chief.............(434)249-4744 Additional contact information may be found online at C M Y K Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Election Opinion Life Sports Classified Comics Arts & Entertainment A4 A6 A8 B1 B2 B4 B5

February 21, 2013

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