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FACULTY SALARY ISSUE Monday, April 7, 2014 Vol. 124, Issue 52 HIGHEST AND MEDIAN SALARY BY SCHOOL, BY DEPARTMENT THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 50 University President Teresa Sullivan, $485,000 Darden School of Business School of Medicine Robert Bruner, $518,900 Classics Nancy Dunlap, $550,000 Chemistry School of Medicine Median Salary Biology Medical Center Astronomy School of Medicine Highest Salary Steven DeKosky, $650,000 Art Irving L. Kron, $561,100 HIGHEST PAID UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEES Anthropology R.E. Howell, $618,000 00 00 00 00 40 00 00 30 00 00 20 0 00 0 10 0 Computer Support Creative Writing Graphic by Mary Beth Desrosiers Center for East Asian Studies Development THE ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL 350000 Drama Operations 300000 E. Asian Lang, Lit & Cult 250000 Economics 200000 150000 Madison & Washington Papers 100000 English S Se tud rv en ic t es or C Te om y ch pu no tin lo g D g ea nʼ ies s O f fi D ce ev el op m E en N nvir t eg o n ot m ia en ti t La on nd sc ap e Pl an ni ng it e ct A rc h Linguistics German Lit H ist 0 Film Festival ur e 50000 Environmental Science THE ENGINEERING SCHOOL Grad School 400000 History 350000 Inst. Advanced Studies in Culture 300000 Inst. African American Studies 250000 Inst. Nuclear & Particle Physics 200000 150000 Mathematics 100000 Media Studies 50000 MENA and S. Asia Studies A ca de m Music ic Pr Bu B ogr dg iom am e e s Ch Ca t & dic em re Pa al ic er yr Ci al Se oll r E vi l/ ng vice in E Co nvir eer s o i Ce mpu nm ng nt te en er r S ta f o ci l r e El D Div nce e e e En ctri an rsi gi c & 's O ty ne e C ff G ri om ice p In ra ng d & u fo rm ua So ter at te P ci e io n rog ty Te ra c M hn ms at ol Pr Sc og ey /P i os M /En e t - A ch gr U w / nd ar A er d ero gr A ad d ua S min te yst . Pr em og s ra m s 0 Mountain Lake Biol. Station Dean's Office Philosophy Physics 400000 Politics 350000 Psychology 300000 Religious Studies 250000 Research Admin 200000 150000 Slavic Languages 100000 Sociology ST 0 C A Statistics Faculty Salaries PAGE 4 Honor Commitee hosts Honor Congress event PAGE 9 H nt Ce Total Ce er f or WGS Undergraduate Operations PAGE 3 L Ed .P ig nter he f o l In o str r E r E icy uc d. ffe Te c tio ac tiv n h e & Sp ing ec ia D lE ea d n' s H O um f fi ce an Se rv ic Sh es Le el ad ia er Jo sh hn ip so n Ce nt er Yo ut hN ex 50000 Spanish, Italian & Portuguese Coach Bennett nets tournament bonuses THE CURRY SCHOOL Men’s Lacrosse recap PAGE 10 la ei Sh Graphics by Anne Owen Data compiled by Joseph Liss Love Connection PAGE 19

Monday, April 7, 2014

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