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LEADERSHIP We prepare leaders who influence societal, organizational, and family life for the betterment of all creation. 20 07 20 05 STUDENT PROGRESS We educate, challenge, and expect all students to uncover, expand, and realize their potential. We promote and affirm their progress in understanding and practicing each of these core values as witnessed by all members of the Carlow community. SACREDNESS OF CREATION We reverence each person and all of creation and the diversity they embody. SERVICE 20 08 INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY CARLOW UNIVERSITY’S EXECUTIVE MBA We engage in service to others with competence and compassion. We speak the truth gleaned from our intellectual pursuits. F 20 10 HOSPITALITY We honor the legacy of Catherine McAuley by being a student-centered, welcoming, and nurturing community of learners. DISCOVERY/QUEST We espouse critical thinking, research, contemplation, and action as essential to the learning process and significant in our search for God. 20 06 A L L 20 Get Ready 09 to Lead in the 20Global 11Marketplace 2 0 0 9 • F lex i b le Fo r m a t • E xe c u t i ve Fo c u s • Global Vision • Corporate Social Responsibility Values. Scholarship. Vision.® Carlow The w w w . c a r l o w . e d u 20 12 Journal Commemorative Issue Recognizing President Mary Hines' Eight Years of Leadership

The Carlow Journal | Recognizing Mary Hines 2013

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