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BOISE STATE 2 012 Features THE RESEARCH MAGAZINE OF BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY 12 Game-based Learning A powerful new education platform, driven in part by Boise State research, explores how quest-based programs and virtual worlds can enhance student learning. 12 18 18 24 Powering the Future From developing new sources for biofuels to assessing Idaho’s energy footprint and researching advanced materials for nuclear reactors, Boise State faculty are pursuing a wide range of energyrelated projects. Amped Education Across the Boise State campus, research and teaching are integrated in classrooms, laboratories and fieldwork, strengthening the overall education of students and contributing to research endeavors in many fields of study. 24 On the cover: Dr. Greg Hampikian, who has joint appointments in the departments of Biological Sciences and Criminal Justice, pursues diverse projects involving DNA. Cover photo by John Kelly Inset photo by Benjamin Hampikian Boise State University Explore Magazine 2012 Vol. 4, No. 1 PRESIDENT Dr. Bob Kustra EDITOR Janelle Brown ASSOCIATE EDITOR Kathleen Tuck VICE PRESIDENT FOR RESEARCH AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT/ EXECUTIVE EDITOR Dr. Mark Rudin PHOTOGRAPHERS John Kelly Carrie Quinney WRITERS Mike Journee Matt Pene Sherry Squires DESIGNER Ann Hottinger CONTRIBUTING WRITER Anna Webb

Boise State Explore Magazine 2012

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