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BROMSGROVIAN NEWS REVIEW As term closes, the most visible sign of Bromsgrove’s future remains the new buildings, but the beating heart, rather than the shell of coming success lies elsewhere. You can go for headliners like the astonishing Year 8 boys who swept all before them as they won national championships, or the less glamorous Lower 4th Camp at Symonds Yat in the Forest of Dean, where an entire year group sleeps under canvas and endures rain, freezing rivers and long treks so that they may get to know one another and the ethos of this School rather better. As I frequently say, things go wrong every day and we, the School, make mistakes every day, but wherever you look among the young people of Bromsgrove, you see values, ambition and optimism. These have been evident over the course of the academic year as never before. I thank everybody who contributes to this most happy state of affairs, for I remain the most fortunate Headmaster in the country. SUMMER 2011 Building Developments All five of the new buildings planned for the south end of the Senior Campus are now under construction. The sites will be at their most intense in coming months, but the newly refurbished swimming pool is now operational and has given us a taste of the larger scale transformation to come. The builds are currently on schedule, and the difference they are making to the School’s skyline is already evident. As ever, I thank everybody for their patience; not least the staff who continue to park in Housman Hall every morning in order to keep the main car park as free as possible. CHRIS EDWARDS Headmaster

Bromsgrove School News Review Summer 2011

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