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FR LOCAL, INDEPENDENT NEWS, OPINION, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT WWW.BOISEWEEKLY.COM VOLUME 20, ISSUE 27 DECEMBER 28, 2011 – JANUARY 3, 2012 TAK EE E ON E! FEATURE 8 SPUDS AND DUDS A look at 2011’s political highs and lows PICKS 17 PARTY TIME Where to go for New Year’s Eve ARTS 24 CIRQUE DU MJ Cirque du Soleil returns with Immortal SCREEN 25 BRACKET BUSTING BLOCKBUSTERS Ranking the best films of 2011 “Viscous wads of sputum, hacked up by a dying breed that insists on taking it all with them when they go.” COPE 6

Boise Weekly Vol. 20 Issue 27

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