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Success Story Rick Case Honda of Davie Rick Case Honda of Davie Doubles Sales Opportunities and Increases Gross Profits by $200K a Month without Spending a Single Extra Dollar in Advertising Converting calls into customers is the common goal of every dealership in the country. However, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to make the phones ring, the average dealership connects less than 50 percent of its incoming calls with the intended agent, and more often than not fails to obtain enough customer contact information to conduct worthwhile follow up or future marketing campaigns. “This strategy took a huge problem and turned it into a huge competitive advantage,” said Richard Bustillo, General Manager of Rick Case Honda of Davie. “We now have the ability to take action in areas where our competition is completely blind. This has nearly doubled the value of our marketing dollars and, more importantly, has helped us convert frustrated customers into raving fans.” Rick Case Honda of Davie, the No.1 Honda dealership in the Southeast and the No.1 gross-profit Honda store in the country, set out to conquer this industry-wide problem by implementing an intelligent call-management strategy that enables the dealership to put missed opportunities back in play, fill-in missing contact information and accurately load incoming sales opportunities into their CRM where people and processes can increase the number of sales each marketing dollar generates. Just 12 months ago, over 40 percent of Rick Case Honda’s incoming calls were lost or terminated by the customer before they reached the desired location. This included customers who terminated the call after being left on hold, customers who were transferred to the wrong department, as well as a variety of other undesireable scenarios. Å CONTINUED INSIDE

November Success Story 2012

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