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Clinical Psychology “ S UM M E R - FAL L 2 013 VO LUME 1, ISSU E 1 Message from the Chair Why not consider Elizabeth Wolfson, Ph.D, LCSW gaining an expertise ” in Healthy Aging while pursuing your Master’s in Clinical Psychology? INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Faculty News Ne∑sle††er Newsletter 2-3 Traineeship Corner 3 Student News 4 Commencement 2013 5 AUSB Alums 5-6 Upcoming Events On Campus 7 AUSB NASW Seminar Series 8 why not consider gaining an expertise in healthy aging while pursuing your master’s in clinical psychology? This specialization is offered to you within the MACP program at no extra cost or residency commitment so that you graduate with all of your peers in MACP. With this training you will have the substantial advantage of being identified as an expert in the field of Healthy Aging, serving the fastest growing population in our country. Our nation needs qualified trained professionals with this specialization and the rapidly expanding job market will be looking for someone like you! For more information on the Concentration in Healthy Aging. click here. why pursue a concentration in healthy aging? Older adults are the fastest growing population nationwide (even more so in California) and the needs of this population are already far outpacing the services available. This means that Master’s in Clinical Psychology (MACP) students with a Concentration in Healthy Aging graduate with an expertise that is highly desirable to prospective employers. Health care itself is one of the fastest growing job fields in the U.S., and psychological services for older adults and their families is at the forefront of this growth. With an expertise in Healthy Aging, your desirability in the workforce is incontestable. Concentration in Healthy Aging Class of 2014 Furthermore, our culture has increasingly shifted the definition of older adults to begin at age 50. In light of these statistics, one would be hard pressed to think of a single family that does not have an adult who might benefit from psychological support in the second half of life! Highlights from your Director of Clinical Training Albert “Al” Munoz Flores, PsyD As the Director of Clinical Training, I am charged by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to assure that our graduate students are complying with the BBS regulations that apply to a Trainee (an enrolled graduate student providing psychotherapy in a clinical training site). I hope that you will feel free to call/ come by my office and discuss your clinical interests with me, and explore the clinical training opportunities that are available to you in the Santa Barbara area. I look forward to meeting with you in the future! Dr. Albert Munoz-Flores can be reached at: See Page 5 for Everything an MACP Student Needs to Know To Prepare for Traineeship VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 : SUMMER - FALL 2013 : MASTERS IN CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY PROGRAM NEWSLETTER : PAGE 1

Macp newsletter Fall 2013

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