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ARIZONA SUMMER WILDCAT Funding to AZPM is cut drastically - 2 WEDNESDAY, JULY 9, 2014 Generic jerseys help collegiate fans - 16 VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 156 DAILYWILDCAT.COM Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 How to start and end that summer romance - 10 STREETCAR NAMED DANGER TPD won't apologize for Elite Eight tactics - 6 TPD finds melee actions justified BY HANNAH PLOTKIN Arizona Summer Wildcat With more than 80 cyclist injuries associated with the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar tracks, bike safety is a growing concern on and around the UA campus SAVANNAH DOUGLAS/ARIZONA SUMMER WILDCAT A BICYCLIST RIDES HIS bike past the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar on June 26 at Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street. From August 2012 to April 2014, 86 injuries occurred along the streetcar route, according to the Living Streets Alliance. BY EMILEE HOOPES Arizona Summer Wildcat The implementation of the Tucson Sun Link Modern Streetcar has been met with both criticism and praise. Since construction began in 2012, the streetcar is anticipated to provide many benefits to Tucson residents including environmental efficiency and easy accessibility. However, the hassle and potential harm the streetcar brings to people who LSA published its first set of areas where crashes occurred cycle around campus has been a data that focused on the bicycle and the causes of bicycle crashes crashes along the streetcar route. along the route. While crash recurring issue. report locations are The Living Streets scattered along the Alliance, a Tucson-based In trying to modernize Tucson, route, a large number organization that works it is extremely difficult to make of accidents occurred to encourage healthy everyone happy near the Main Gate communities through — Hannah Hollins, UA alumna area, the Toole Avenue social and outdoor and Fourth Avenue activity, is one of many intersection and the organizations to take The data, consisting of 86 crash Fourth Avenue and University notice of the trend of bicycle collisions along the streetcar reports from August 2012 to April Boulevard intersection. All filed tracks. In a May 19 report, the 2014, showed recurrences in BIKES, 3 An inquiry into the actions of Tucson Police Department officers in a conflict between police and a crowd of civilians on March 29 following the UA’s loss in the NCAA Elite Eight men’s basketball game was released on June 30. The inquiry found police action justified overall. A report produced by the TPD Board of Inquiry using video footage from bodyworn cameras on police officers, a walkthrough and third-party video footage concluded that the majority of actions taken by TPD officers on the scene were appropriate. “[TPD officers displayed] a great deal of self restraint ... in their dealings with a hostile and antagonizing crowd,” the report said. The board also found that actions from an individual officer, Sgt. Joel Mann, whose videotaped actions went viral in the days following the incident, were inappropriate. Mann was filmed pushing a woman over a bench without apparent provocation on the night of March 29. An Office of Internal Affairs investigation of Mann found his use of force on three individuals in two separate incidents in the evening to be inappropriate. The board’s findings were given to Mann’s chain of command for further action. The Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigations Division, Special Investigations Unit are conducting a criminal review of both incidents involving Mann. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating Mann for any violations of civil rights. The OIA also conducted an investigation regarding a complaint against an unnamed officer by a civilian injured by less-lethal chemical munitions. Through the use of INQUIRY, 5


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