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THE DAILY WILDCAT Printing the news, sounding the alarm, and raising hell since 1899 DAILYWILDCAT.COM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12, 2014 VOLUME 107 • ISSUE 114 UA plans to raise tuition SPORTS - 6 MARCH MADNESS BEGINS BY ETHAN MCSWEENEY The Daily Wildcat The UA is considering tuition increases for the next academic year, as additional financial support from the state seems unlikely. The tuition plan the UA is currently working on to present to the Arizona Board of Regents next week includes a 2 percent tuition increase for in-state students and a 5 percent tuition increase for out-of-state students, according to Andrew Comrie, UA provost and about $207 for in-state tuition Melissa Vito, vice president for senior vice president of Academic and about $1,353 for out-of-state Student Affairs and Enrollment tuition. The UA has increased Management. Affairs. Vito said the 2 “We’re trying to percent increase for inmake the impact state students would as reasonable as The out-of-state proposal on this model act as a way to cover the we can,” Comrie is ... higher than we’d like to see. rising costs to the UA said. — Morgan Abraham, ASUA president and adjust for inflation. Tuition as “When we built our it stands for business plan, it built the 2013-2014 academic year is $10,390 for in- tuition by more than 70 percent in a 2 percent assumption around tuition increases as a part of that state students and $27,072 for out- since 2008. The tuition plan is still being of-state students. The amount the UA is looking to add would equal talked about, according to TUITION, 3 “ “ SPORTS - 7 HOCKEY GOT MONKEYS OFF ITS BACK IN ’14 Policy for tobacco ban under review ON THE RECORD BY MEGHAN FERNANDEZ The Daily Wildcat ARTS & LIFE - 12 GAME TO PLEASE SOUTH PARK FANS RELEASES OPINIONS - 4 WHO GETS YOUR VOTE FOR ASUA? SEE OUR PICKS FIND US ONLINE The UA is looking to join the more than 800 universities nationwide that have tobacco-free campuses. The Student Health Advocacy Committee has been working on a draft for a tobacco-free campus policy for two-and-a-half years, and the plan is now under public review. Stephanie Kha, a biochemistry junior and the director of SHAC, worked on the Tobacco-free University of Arizona Policy, which is an effort to unify existing tobacco policies at the UA and place a campuswide ban on tobacco products. Kha worked with Melissa Vito, senior vice president for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, to write the draft of this policy and revise it several times during summer 2013. The two sponsors of this policy are Vito and Allison Vaillancourt, vice president of Institutional Effectiveness and Human Resources. The policy began an eight-week public review period in February, Kha said, adding the feedback period is beneficial because it helps university policymakers to determine how to address people’s concerns. If additional revisions need to be made after this examination period, the draft will be put up for review again after the revisions are made, Kha said. If the draft does not have any specific changes, the policy will advance toward policy formation. The policy will then be sent to ‘Like’ us on Facebook TOBACCO, 2 STEVE NGUYEN/THE DAILY WILDCAT KGUN9 REPORTER SIMONE DEL ROSARIO (left) interviews Zack Zemer (right), a pre-business sophomore, about his thoughts on “revenge porn” on the UA Mall on Tuesday. “Revenge Porn” is the term for when someone shares their ex-partner’s nude photo online or with friends after a breakup. Follow us on Twitter Find us on Tumblr ASUA rules on social media endorsements ON OUR WEBSITE For breaking news and multimedia coverage check out DAILYWILDCAT.COM WEATHER HI SUNNY 79 52 LOW One One, Indonesia 82 / 60 Two Mile, Canada 40 / 25 Three Arms, Canada 40 / 30 BY JORDAN FOWLER The Daily Wildcat The ASUA Supreme Court ruled last week that ASUA elected officials can endorse candidates through social media, ending a dispute between the senate and the elections commissioner. The case, ASUA Senate v. Election Commissioner Small, held oral arguments on March 3. Associated Students of the University of Arizona Sen. Michael Mazzella, a communication junior, represented the senate against Marc Small, ASUA elections commissioner and a political science senior. The case was brought to the Supreme Court in response to Small’s interpretation of Elections Code 5-3.11. The code, which had previously prevented ASUA elected officials from endorsing candidates, was changed by the senate in November, according to Mazzella. The code was changed to allow elected officials to endorse candidates, Mazzella said, but officials are required to attend Q&A sessions for the candidates so they are able to make an informed decision. They are also not able to use their title when endorsing candidates. Small interpreted this as meaning officials would be unable to use any social media platforms RULINGS, 3 Today only 11am - 4pm Meningitis survivor fights back BY LAUREN NIDAY The Daily Wildcat S COURTESY OF ASUA SENATOR MICHAEL MAZZELLA ASUA SENATORS Michael Mazzella (left) and Chris Seffren (right) were two of the senators advocating for social media endorsement. ince losing a close friend to meningitis two years ago and almost losing his own life, one UA student is determined to educate people about meningitis and raise money for the cause. Alex Flatley, a general studies junior, took a trip to Campus Health Service just before finals week last May with a 102.6 degree fever and severe vomiting, but was told he had the flu and quickly dismissed. After vomiting non-stop for almost a week, Flatley headed to the Tucson International Airport to fly home for summer vacation. When Flatley arrived home in Palo Alto, Calif., his mother scheduled an appointment for Flatley with their family doctor. But when she tried to feed Flatley a piece of toast, his response was “What is toast?” MENINGITIS, 3 #UALastChanceFair


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