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 NEW MAN O N CAMPUS– DR. STEPHEN P ETERSEN… 2 IS SU E 3  A DULT S CHOLARSHIP I NFORMATION……………... 3  FEELING READ STRESSED? THESE TIPS…………. 7 THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS ADULT & COMMUTER STUDENT SERVICES V OL UM E 8 NO V/ DE C 2010 Adult & Commuter Connection The University of Memphis Child Development Center A learning environment for your child while you reach your educational goals Small smiling faces and echoes of tiny laughter greet parents as they walk into the University of Memphis child development center. The atmosphere quickly reveals you’ve entered a place where young minds are being nurtured. Margaret Scott, manager of the University of Memphis child development center, points out the center is geared towards teaching children and assisting student parents in the process. “One parent or guardian must be a student enrolled at the University of Memphis,” Scott said. “It doesn’t really matter the number of classes they are taking, they can be full-time or part-time. We are just here to provide child care so these students can finish their degrees.” Another unique trait of the center is parents pay on an hourly basis. They also choose the number of hours their children spend at the center. “We try to design a program that fits their needs, is cost-effective, and gives them more opportunity to spend time with their children,” Scott said. Scott is also proud of the program’s curriculum and the center’s staff. “We have a music teacher that comes in twice a week and they work with all my ages. And I know one of my evening staff [members] is teaching foreign languages.” Amanda Thweatt, a teacher at the center with a master’s in education, has worked at the center a little over a year. She enjoys the environment and the children she works with daily. “I like the small staff,” Thweatt said, “and these children are our future. They just want to learn and be actively involved.” For student parents who are interested in learning more about the center, Scott invites you to stop by. “Anybody can come and view us and we would be the same, day in and day out,” Scott said. “We are a three star state rated and nationally accredited program. When the children walk into our door they will find a warm, caring staff. I think the children are very happy here.” The center offers child care for ages thirty months to twelve years from 9p.m. Mon-Thurs. Friday it closes at 4:30pm. For more info visit or call (901) 678-5059.

Adult and Commuter Connection Nov/Dec 2010

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