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Issue 13 September 2010 Aromatherapy Registration Council Updates Many new and exciting things are taking place to provide greater services to those in the field of aromatherapy. determine areas in which to write the questions. The submission of 10 test questions counts as 5 contact hours of continuing education towards reregistration. Test First and foremost, the ARC Registration Examination is now questions, identified as ARC, may be faxed to (212) 356- being offered via computerized administration at several hundred 0678 or e-mailed to testing locations across the United States. This enables greater access for those desiring to commit to higher standards in the field of aromatherapy.   Participate in an item review session. This year the item review will be held in New York City. RAs are needed to review potential new questions for the ARC examination to Please note the change in eligibility requirements to sit for the make sure they are appropriate, clearly written, and well- examination. Candidates are required to have a minimum of 200 documented. This is a volunteer position but RAs who hours of a Level 2 program in aromatherapy from a college or participate in an ARC item review session earn 8 contact school that is in compliance with the current NAHA Educational hours towards reregistration. Please RSVP to Guidelines. A transcript must be enclosed with the Application. if you are interested or need Visit to download a current additional information. Handbook for Candidates and Application.   Write content pertinent to the field of aromatherapy for As a reminder, a condition of eligibility for and continued future editions of the ARC Newsletter. We are seeking registration as a Registered Aromatherapist is compliance with interesting articles, news, etc. to publish. Do you have a the ARC Disciplinary Policy. Visit story to share? Send it to: ARC Newsletter, Professional to review the full Testing Corporation, 1350 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York, Policy. In addition, use of Raindrop Therapy is not allowed for NY 10018 or, attention ARC Newsletter. RAs. Copy should be typed and double spaced. Include a JPEG photo, if desired. Article submissions are not guaranteed to ARC needs your assistance! ARC is continuously looking for RAs be published. All information is subject to ARC approval and to help in various ways. Help our profession by volunteering editing. Authors are not promised that their submission will some of your time to the Aromatherapy Registration Council. be included in any specific newsletter. Your feedback, time, and insight are important to ARC!   Write new test questions for the ARC Registration Examination. Questions should reflect current aromatherapy practice and be based on research validated knowledge and skills. Refer to the Content Outline in the Handbook for Candidates, available at to UPCOMING EXAMINATION DATES November 6—20, 2010 Application Deadline: 10/1/2010 April 9—23, 2011 Application Deadline: 3/1/2011 October 8—22, 2011 Application Deadline: 9/1/2011


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