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FIRST & BUSINESS FIRST & FOREMOST ASIAN WEEKLY IN EUROPE VOICE CLASS DEALS TRAVEL never fly ECONOMY again Flat Bed, Suite, Limo, Lounge, Comfort, t&c 020 8515 9200 IATA ABTA ATOL3348 VOL 39. ISSUE 27 Let noble thoughts come to us from every side 80p Lord Paul quits while Baroness Uddin “forgets” to declare £20,000 gift Lord Swaraj Paul after the extensive controversy of expenses claims has resigned on Tuesday as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords. Lord Paul said, although he had “reservations” about the decision to suspend him, he had accepted it in keeping with the traditions of parliamentary practice and decided to step down as Deputy Speaker in order to uphold “parliamentary conventions and proprieties”. In a letter to the Speaker, Lord Paul said, “I have decided to resign despite the fact that the Committee for Privileges and Conduct and, indeed the House itself, has cleared me of any dishonesty and bad faith. Although I have several reservations, I have accepted the suspension imposed upon me in keeping with the traditions of parliamentary practice.” Continued on page 2 !"#$%&&'() *&+,-)!.&,$ /0#2 4$5!#$728!'$$0#!& 8$%=>$7!#?8 @?>0$>$#>42$%>#$(!&#$">%2%2! ! ?2 >$ 5!#$+,$#>C!4 2%2! $!5$ 7.-&7D$E.F"!D '''G%=>?!!HI05!& 80%2! G!#4 !"#$%&%&"'($")(*+,-" !"./0"'($"12&3%4+ 5266($3"7,3+$,/3%(,/8" )%9(:&"./0 6th November to 12th November 2010 Asian Voice wishes everybody a Happy Diwali & Prosperous New Year. For more stories about Diwali celebrations in the UK please see page 6, 14 & 30. Our paid subscribers will receive our Diwali special magazine along with their newspapers this week. It is for the Diwali festival that our offices will remain closed from 4th till 9th November and there will be no Asian Voice publication for the 13th November issue. 7 Indian Americans in the poll fray Lord Swaraj Paul Baroness Pola Uddin The mid term Congressional polls saw a record number of Indian Americans in the fray, more than half a dozen. The outcome of the polls will be something that the Indian American community will be watching with keen interest, as barring one, all are Democrats. The community also is hoping that the House of Representatives will have more than one person from amongst them. Continued on page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a+V +L-"Q,+U /"" N=C YV[,Q-RU /\, 2S +\(&\+ ![,+"U1 C@1 61 H@1 5 /\, 5@>H"/UU# XH[!YV&U+U 0G ![\R'U O/VV/\RI &\ /,,&R&[\ R[ R'+ !&\&!Q! UR/\,/V, 0G ![\R' O/VV/\RI /P/&"/."+ [\ +P+VI NYYV[P+, 3U+, =+V-+,+U>K+\F# ^_9ZZ `\/\-+ ,+Y[U&R -[\RV&.QR&[\ /P/&"/."+ [\ /"" =+V-+,+U>K+\F NYYV[P+, 3U+, H/VU )Q\,+, [\ /\ N(&"&RI [V B&V+ 7QV-'/U+ `\/\-+ -[\RV/-R .I =+V-+,+U>K+\F D&\/\-&/" 5+VP&-+U 3A @&!&R+, =A< S;E# ?=+V-+,+U>K+\F !/I ,+-"&\+ R[ WQ[R+ &\ U[!+ -&V-Q!UR/\-+U# 4+V!U /\, -[\,&R&[\U /YY"I# D&\/\-+ UQ.%+-R R[ UR/RQU# ;[ -/U' [V P+'&-"+ ,&U-[Q\R /"R+V\/R&P+ &U /P/&"/."+# :a+VU /V+ "&!&R+, R[ [\+ [YR&[\ Y+V P+'&-"+ /\, /V+ [\"I /P/&"/."+ )[V -/VU YQV-'/U+, )V[! 0UR :-R[.+V GZ0Z /\, ,+"&P+V+, .I 80UR E+-+!.+V GZ0Z# 4+V!U /\, -[\,&R&[\U /YY"I# 7&-RQV+U )[V &""QURV/R&[\ YQVY[U+ [\"I# H/""U !/I .+ V+-[V,+,# 6+(&UR+V+, []-+J =+V-+,+U>K+\F 6+R/&" CV[QY 3A @R,1 4[\(O+""1 =&"R[\ A+I\+U =A09 SKN#

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