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Physical Therapy Alumni News Volume II Issue I Inside this issue: Doctor of Science Program Awards Final Degrees SHP Receives $2.4 M for Student Support 2 Alumni News 3 SHP Building Construction Update 3 Contributions for Gossman Lectureship 3 2012 Doctor of Physical Therapy Degrees Awarded 4 PT Chapter of the UAB NAS 4 Gift giving 5 New Students in PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Program 5 Clinical Education News 6 Jeff Soltes, MS, PT Awarded the Loretta Boger Award for Excellence in Clinical Education 6 Faculty Updates 7 Faculty Updates cont. 8 Alumni in Action 9 Alumni Advisory Committee Jenny Wilson (08’) (President, PT Chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society) David Bryson (‘89) Chantel Jones (‘07) Donna Kay King (‘86) Cheryl Knowles (‘82) Donald Lein (‘88) Tana Lieb (‘09) Sonya Pearson (‘06) Reid Warren (‘10) Jonathan Delk (’99) David Morris (‘90) (Faculty representative) January 2013 On December 15, 2012, three Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy (DScPT) graduates participated in the UAB Doctoral Degree Commencement Ceremonies at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center. Drs. Anna de Joya, Michelle Gutierrez, and Lois Hedman were the final DScPT graduates as the program has now been officially phased out. The Postprofessional DScPT program opened in 2003 with the goal of preparing physical therapists to innovate and advance the profession through clinical practice and research. The program was discontinued when the department decided to shift priorities to the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Program; a program established in 2011 with the UAB Department of Occupational Therapy. The DScPT program graduated 15 individuals (listed on this page) who have fulfilled the program’s goals through leadership roles in clinical practice and/or education. Dr. Cecilia Graham, the program’s director since 2003, describes the program as “a great success in preparing advanced practitioners who have a unique blend of skills in clinical practice, scholarly activities, and education.” No doubt our most recent graduates will continue to represent the UAB Department of Physical Therapy as distinguished alumni. UAB DScPT Graduates Jason Hardage (Hayward, CA) Jill Hansen Kehl (Atlanta, GA) Lydia Futch Thurston (Birmingham, AL) Diane Clark (Birmingham, AL) Sharon Young (Mobile, AL) Jaca Stephens (Gadsden, AL) Fran Wedge (Joliet, IL) Carolyn Kelley (Houston, TX) Laura White (Daphne, AL) Patty Perez (Birmingham, AL) Heather Mount (Andalusia, AL) Leslie VanHiel (Atlanta, GA) Anna de Joya (Houston, TX) Michelle Gutierrez (Las Cruces, NM) Lois Hedman (Evanston, IL) Drs. De Joya, Gutierrez, and Hedman with faculty members Drs. Morris, Christy and Graham Certificate Program in Health Focused Care in Physical and Occupational Therapy to begin in January 2013 The UAB Department of PT is happy to announce a new educational offering for clinicians; an online Graduate Certificate in Health Focused Patient/Client Management for Physical and Occupational Therapists. The goal of the program is to prepare PTs and OTs for expanding roles in the areas of prevention, health promotion, and wellness. The certificate program is offered completely online and includes 5 required courses (15 credit hours). Students will take one course per semester. The first cohort of students will begin the program in January 2013. Admissions requirements are a degree in PT or OT and proof of current licensure. For more information, please visit or contact Cecilia Graham at or 205-934-5949.

UAB DPT Alumni Newsletter January 2013

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