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July 2014 SanTan FAMILY FUN 1 Bus safety is top priority with CUSD “An award-winning publication” By Alison Stanton A publication of the SanTan Sun News What’s Inside: Pages 2-4 SanTan Family Fun calendar Page 6 School choice for parents of autistic students Page 7 Summer camp, staycation all in one Page 8 City of Chandler summer recreation activities For info on sponsoring the SanTan Family Fun Calendar, email Every school day about 11,000 students ride 205 buses in the Chandler Unified School District, according to the organization’s transportation supervisor, Sterling Skouson. From kindergartners who are riding the bus for the very first time, to junior high students on their way to a field trip, Skouson says safety is the district’s primary concern. “Traveling in a school bus is absolutely the safest way to travel in this “I am always surprised how many drivers country,” he says. seem to be oblivious to that big, yellow To help keep students of all ages as safe thing on the road,” he says. as possible while they are riding the bus, “Anytime you see a school bus, you have Alan Cleveland, CUSD training coordinator, to be on alert, pay attention and know that says the district conducts bus evacuation it will stop to pick up drills two times a year at every school. and drop off kids.” “We bring in enough buses to all of Cleveland says he is the elementary schools to evacuate all of also troubled by the the students,” he says. number of drivers who The teachers typically bring out one run through the “stop grade level at a time to board the buses arms,” which is the stop and take part in the safety drill. sign that extends from “The driver goes through the safety the side of the bus. features of the bus, and what the students “Some drivers just need to know in order to evacuate. don’t stop and pass the This includes the safety procedures bus anyway. From what I and equipment, as well as features like have observed, most of windows and exits.” these drivers are just not During the bus PAY ATTENTION: Sterling Skouson is often surprised paying attention or are evacuation drill, at how many drivers fail to Cleveland says the see “that big yellow thing texting on their phones.” For parents of young driver will also on the road.” students who are just instruct the stuSubmitted photo starting to ride the bus to dents how to sit and from school, Cleveland says all kinderproperly while riding garteners and first graders have tags attached the bus. to their backpacks that indicate their grade. “They should have “We put the younger students up in the their bottoms on the front of the bus so they can be near the driseat and their backs ver, and all students who are in kindergarten up against the seat SAFETY IS TOP PRIORITY: and first grade must be met by somebody back, and they Alan Cleveland says CUSD should keep their legs when they get off the bus,” he says. holds two bus evacuation Alison Stanton is a freelance writer who lives out of the aisles, as drills every year. The drills in the East Valley. She can be reached at this can be a tripping teach and remind students about the safety features on hazard,” he says. Kids are also the bus as well as proper reminded to keep conduct while riding. “We put the younger students their backpacks and Submitted photo up in the front of the bus musical instruments in the seats with them at all times, and so they can be near the driver, to never put their hands or heads out and all students who are in the windows. At the junior high and high schools, kindergarten and first grade Cleveland says the bus evacuation drills are must be met by somebody conducted once the students who are already on the buses reach the schools. when they get off the bus.” In addition to keeping the fleet of buses well-maintained, Cleveland says new bus drivers in CUSD complete at least 20-plus Resources hours of training, which is above the state Websites: minimum. • “They are all certified and go through a test- • ing process before they can get on the road.” Books for younger kids: As for drivers who are sharing the road • “School Bus,” by Donald Crews with school buses, Skouson offers these • “Pete the Cat: The Wheels on the Bus,” words of advice: “Pay attention to that big, by James Dean yellow bus.” • “Caillou: The School Bus,” by Marion Johnson To help parents who have questions about their children’s bus service to school, the Chandler Unified School District’s website features a “Frequently Asked Questions” section that answers some of the most common inquires, including: What time should my student arrive at the a.m. bus stop? Students are asked to be at their designated bus stop location at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time. Can parents ride the bus with their child? No, parents may not ride on our buses except on field trips. How are bus stops determined? Stops are assigned by general location of students and must meet state regulations for safety. Typical stop locations are within subdivisions near parks, common walls and retention areas. Stops must be at least 50 feet from a signed intersection. How do I find my child’s bus stop information? 1) Back to School Transportation letters are sent to all eligible students approximately two weeks prior to the start of school. 2) All bus stop information is available at each school site after June 30. Can my child ride home on another bus? Students are permitted to ride only their assigned bus. Any exceptions must be requested in writing by the student’s parent or legal guardian and approved by a school official. Can my child invite friends to ride the bus with them? Only eligible students are permitted. Any exceptions must be requested in writing by the student’s parent or legal guardian and approved by a school official. Source: http://ww2.chandler.k12. Page/902

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