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Memorial Day 99 Plan $ Wednesday, January 9, 9 May 22, 2013 MyConnection Published every Wednesday and delivered free by The Newnan Times-Herald Check Out the Classifieds on Page 7 per day! special! (max. 10 lines) Early ! Your Yard Sale classified ad will run in The Newnan Times-Herald and online at Call Rhonda or Christy at 770-253-1576 or email Start the Day Right with PROTEIN i n s i de at Breakfast Family Features S tarting the day right with a good breakfast helps set the tone for your day. In fact, studies show that kids who eat breakfast have better scores on math, reading and standardized tests; are better able to pay attention; and have fewer absences and incidences of tardiness, compared to breakfast skippers. But is your breakfast the best it can be? Experts recommend 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal, and while breakfast is typically lower in protein than other meals, it’s a particularly important time to include protein in your diet — to help you get the right start to your day. In fact, when you have your protein can be just as important as how much you have, and research suggests that spreading protein intake throughout the day — rather than just at lunch or dinner — can optimize how your body uses it, and that means making sure you include enough protein at breakfast. A protein-packed breakfast can also help you feel Breakfas t with Protein R ecipes ➤ “healthy full” so you stave off mid-morning cravings and can stick to healthier eating throughout the day. Help your whole family start the day right and include protein in your nutritious breakfast. Try these tips to maximize protein in the AM: n Make your morning oatmeal with milk instead of water. Top with almonds for extra protein, too. n Include a glass of milk with your morning meal. An 8-ounce glass of milk has 8 grams of quality protein. n Make your own smoothie and choose your favorite frozen fruit. n Grab a latte, instead of black coffee, and pair it with peanut butter toast and some fruit for a balanced meal. n Whip up a bowl of cottage cheese topped with fruit and honey. n Create a breakfast BLT with a whole grain muffin, lean turkey bacon and lettuce and tomato. Find more ways to give your morning a boost with recipes at WORKING RELATIONS Ethnic diner in Senoia a dream come true By BRENDA PEDRAZA-VIDAMOUR Special to Times-Herald Mirta Pagán, a 59-year-old pastry cook, arrives first thing every morning five days a week to start the prep work at a small Puerto Rican diner in Senoia. Pagán works with her daughter, Liza Caraballo, at La Perla del Sur, a restaurant that specializes in traditional Boricua-style dishes including pasteles (Puerto Rican tamale) and mofongo (plantainbased dish). Pagán returned to the States two years ago from Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second largest city. It’s referred to as the island’s capitol of the south or the pearl of the south, hence the restaurant’s homage to its name. Pagán left Ponce in response to pleas from Caraballo’s husband, Jose. He begged his mother-in-law for relief when he realized the demands of running a Puerto Rican kitchen. “A lot of stuff we make is very time-consuming and labor-intensive,” Liza Caraballo said, such as the two days it takes to prepare the pasteles. “He freaked out.” Although Liza is a talented chef, Jose convinced his mother-in-law that with her added experience, she would lend a higher degree of authenticity to the dishes. Pagán welcomed the opportunity, and the Caraballos were thrilled. “Can’t be any more authentic than to have an actual Puerto Rican cooking,” Liza Caraballo said. Pagán worked for nine years at a country club north of Detroit, an improbable venue for her ethnic cooking. A mother of four, Pagán You make the memories. nothing,” Pagán complains about a mess left behind. Caraballo forgives her sons more readily. “They’re teens, the fact that they come here at all,” to learn and help is impressive enough for her, for now. While Caraballo and Pagán — who spend most of their time together from gym classes to work to church services — prepare their specialties, Caraballo expects her mother to be looking over her shoulder ensuring quality control. ETHNIC DINER, Page 3 SURVEY, Page 6 Photo by Brenda Pedraza-Vidamour traditions, Caraballo and Pagán are passing on their cooking skills to Caraballo’s teen-aged sons. One regularly prepares some of the mofongo dishes and pastries, but Caraballo concedes the teens, who are good cooks, may not be as up to par on work ethics as their grandmother. It’s a minor point of contention between the two women. Pagán thinks it’s time for the young men to learn they should follow through with tasks like putting away ingredients after preparing a dish. “There is the oil and garlic already. He finish and don’t say Readers share their likes, dislikes We’d like to take a moment and thank the more than 450 local residents who participated in The Newnan Times-Herald’s recent readership survey. There was a wealth of information collected. We saw a few surprises, but more importantly, learned what stories and other products you like and don’t like — what you’d like to see more of and what you want to see less of. This information is not going into some dark closet. Rather, we plan to focus on what the majority want to see — or not see — and use the data to continue improving your newspaper. Changes will continue to be made in our coverage, look and focus. Opinions vary, and not everyone will like all the changes. But change, especially in our focus, needs to occur so we provide you what you want. With that said, we’d like to share with everyone what those who responded thought. The survey was conducted through a survey questionnaire available in the newspaper, as well as an online version. About 65 people turned in written responses, with just under 400 using the online survey. The vast majority of those who responded to the print questionnaire were over 60 years of age; those using the online were mostly between the ages of 35 and 64. Overall, readers like our focus on local coverage. That was repeated over and over again, and that is and will remain our primary concentration. There were areas readers felt we covered too much, and others where we didn’t cover enough. We will address those below. Part of the survey included the opportunity to leave comments on what readers like most, Mirta Pagán and Liza Caraballo, the mother-daughter team behind the specialties served at La Perla del Sur in Senoia, stir things up Puerto Rican-style in the restaurant’s kitchen. lived with her 36-year-old daughter in Pontiac, Mich. When Caraballo relocated to Georgia three years ago after a managerial promotion with WalMart, Pagán returned to Puerto Rico to care for her ailing mother, and then Caraballo left Wal-Mart to pursue her lifelong dream. “As much as I liked retail, my dream was always to open a restaurant. I’m very proud of my heritage and Puerto Rican culture, and I know here in Georgia there’s not a lot of opportunity to celebrate it,” she said. To continue preserving their Let your Mac® make them memorable. Every new MacBook Pro® includes iMovie. Use iMovie® to import & edit your adventures, easily add titles, special effects, music and photos. Then share your masterpiece on FaceBook, YouTube, watch on your iPad®, iPhone®, Apple TV® and more. PAGE 4 Advantage (770) 461-2147 358 Newnan Crossing Bypass, Newnan In Ashley Park, between Rue21 and Monkey Joe’s Apple, the Apple logo, iMovie, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, MacBook Pro and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

MyConnection for May 22, 2013

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