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2 Subscriptions FOR THE PRICE OF 1! One as a gift – One for yourself OR Two gift subscriptions Wednesday, December 5, 2012 For more details ➤ see ad on page 3 Coweta’s Local Daily Newspaper, Published 5 Days A Week Check Out the Classifieds on Pages 6 — 7 Thank you for picking up MyConnection. Look for your copy delivered free to your home from The Newnan Times-Herald each Wednesday. You’ll find entertainment and travel news, as well as upcoming events, easy-to-make recipes, and things that matter to you and your family. Family Features H ost a holiday party that’s simple and festive with a combination of pre-made and homemade delights. For starters, a cookie pan does double duty for holiday-shaped homemade Crispy Cheese Crackers. Serve these aromatic rosemary treats, made into Christmas trees, snowmen and stockings, alongside a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch fireroasted jalapeño dip. “Guests will think you spent hours baking in the kitchen when you wow them with a seasonal selection of hand-decorated gingerbreads,” says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton. Easy to assemble with all the trimmings included, there’s a ready-to-decorate gingerbread kit to fit any yuletide gathering. Complete with pre-baked ginger­bread, each kit contains Holiday House Treat, Eggnog Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups, Fire Roasted Jalapeño Onion Dip, Crispy Cheese Crackers ➤ Recipes on Page 4 Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays Seven Steps to Getting Your Car Ready for Winter BRANDPOINT Winter has a tendency to sneak up on all of us. But where you can simply dig the winter coat out of the closet when the first cold snap rolls through, preparing your car for winter takes a little more foresight. Luckily, getting your car ready for the winter is not an intensive process and you'll save yourself a lot of stress by taking a little time to prepare. By checking off these seven items as you set up for cold-weather driving, you'll help ensure there aren't any surprises when the temperatures drop. Check fluids. Most importantly check your coolant to make sure you have enough, as you'll be left without heat if you don't. Consult your owner's manual to find the correct blend if you need to add more. It's never a bad idea to keep extra coolant in your trunk in case of emergency. While you're at it, check to make sure your brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are also at the proper levels. Wash and wax your car at a professional car wash. It may seem counterintuitive to get your car nice and shiny for what's often the sloppiest season, but a thorough wash can remove harmful compounds that may cause damage when mixed with sand and road salt. Experts from the International Carwash Association also ➤ SEe Happy Holiday, PAGE 4 recommend a coat of wax for an extra layer of protection from the elements. Professional car washes can also save up to 20 percent of the amount of water you'd use by washing your car at home. They do this by treating and reusing their water, rather than releasing toxic chemicals and grime into the storm drains, which can often occur with pavement washing. Check your tires. Checking to make sure your tires aren't worn and are properly inflated is especially important before winter sets in. Cold air can cause your tires to lose pressure, so be sure to check again once the temperature drops - the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on the inside of your driver's side door. Cracking, presence of wear bars and shallow treads are all indicators that you may need to replace your tires. Check your wipers. When sloppy weather hits, you'll want to make sure you have a reservoir full of wiper fluid. Checking your wiper blades for wear and replacing them if needed can prevent huge visibility headaches once snow and sleet arrive. Test your battery. The next time you have the car in for an oil change, ask the mechanic to test your battery to make sure it can provide enough ➤ SEe CAR, PAGE 6 Instead of just fresh flowers in a vase, use small branches or twigs and decorate with items that tie into the season, like acorns and leaves or candy canes and small ornaments. BRANDPOINT Looking for simple and quick ways to spruce up your home for the holiday season? Get your home looking its best before the guests arrive with some easy home improvement projects and seasonal inspirations. By making a few simple updates and adding new design pieces to your home, you can deter some of those winter blues while preparing for more time spent indoors. Add a splash of new color Painting is the easiest way to make a dramatic and instant impact on a room. With guests arriving soon, consider areas of your home that'll get the most notice, like your dining room, kitchen, guest bath, foyer and even guest bedrooms. If you're interested in a quick project, consider painting one wall of a room as an accent wall. You'll create a new focal point for the room that can be easily achieved by going a shade darker, brighter or complementing the existing wall color. Decorate cheerfully To quickly accent neutral- or solid- colored furniture, add colorful, patterned throws and pillows. The additional throws will provide warmth on extra chilly days and bright pillows will increase the personality of any room. Add festive, seasonal table runners, cloth napkins and placemats to dining and other tables for additional seasonal cheer. Instead of just fresh flowers in a vase, use small branches or twigs and decorate with items that tie into the season, like acorns and leaves or candy canes and small ornaments. Use branches of varying heights and fullness to give the vase a balanced appearance. Another festive twist is to glue various sized pinecones onto the branches. Consider painting the branches silver or gold for a timeless and elegant appeal. Brighten up The winter months mean shorter days; consider updating your current light fixtures or bulbs to brighter ones to increase the lighting in your home — both inside and out. Adding ambient, candlelight will also make your home feel cozier for guests, helping them to relax and unwind after a long day. Candles don't have to be limited to sitting on table tops or in hurricanes — install wall sconces and decorative wall art pieces containing tea light candles for additional style. For added safety and mobility, choose battery-operated lighting options for homes with children and pets. These not only work great during power-failures and storms, but also illuminate dark areas such as closets that may not have electrical lines for installation. Complete it If you're like many people and have a lingering project or two that still needs to be completed, give yourself a deadline and stick to it. If you realize the project is too much work or you're in over your head, consider asking for help from a friend or family member or hiring a professional to complete it before guests arrive. By taking the proper steps to prep your home for the holidays, you'll find more time to enjoy yourself, your guests and your home this season.

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