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A WHOLE NEW LOOK Thank-You READERS! Check out our redesign! for making this newsletter possible. THE SNELLING CONNECTION Newsletter for the Hancock-Hamline Collaboration Spring Issue 2012 Volume 15, Issue 3 [Photo by: Aydyrus Abdirahman] [Photo by: _________________] [Photo by: Margot Howard] [Left] Snelling Connection class poses with Teacher Glynis Grostephen and outgoing CO-Editors Tessa Mortenson and Amanda Skevik. [Above] Incoming Co-Editors Zachary Knudson and Isaac Mullin join the Snelling Connection. New Co-Editors Announced Amanda, Tessa say goodbye as Zach, Isaac take on leadership for Knudson, he has 2 brothers, and 1 sister. “Absolutely! We’ve had our Soon after Amanda Skeviki’s fair share of ups and downs, but my time at Snelling Connection came to an siblings have always been there for me end, Zach Knudson and Isaac Mullin when I need them most,” Knudson said were introduced as the new co-editors. when asked about how much he enjoys Skeviki has been missed, by Snelling his siblings. Knudson also plans on Connection students a lot. staying in college for four years, and Mullin’s opportunity in hopes to become either a teacher, or journalism began on April 4, 2012. something in business. Mullin had an interest in Snelling They both also help prepare the Connection by the ads that were Snelling Connection students for the posted up. While Knudson had an issue. interest by his background in his past. Journalism and teaching are Like any ordinary student, two specific things Mullin likes to do. Mullin and Knudson have siblings. While Knudson likes to teach and Mullin has four sisters and six help people. Well Mullin wants to use brothers. his knowledge to help students learn. “I love going home to both my In his time as a teenager, Mullin had siblings and my parents. Family is the experiences in journalism. He started most important thing in my life,” said by working on his high school’s Mullin. newspaper called The Pine Curtain. On the other hand, Mullin wants Meanwhile, Mullin additionally spent to stay in college for 4 years. After a semester working for Hamline’s those four years, he wants to successes newspaper called The Oracle. in becoming an elementary teacher. Knudson also got started working on a Mullin and Knudson are a great help to newspaper in high school, called The the Snelling Connection students. As Crier, where he became the Editor-in- By Mai-Lee Xiong Journalist Page 1 Chief. Both Mullin and Knudson were section editors for The Oracle for a semester. But even though Mullin and Knudson only has one semester at Snelling Connection, so far they’ve been enjoying it. “I love it! There is so much positive energy. I get excited for Tuesdays and Thursdays to be impressed by all the students hard work and creativity,” said Knudson. “Although I’ve only has one class period which I’ve been present for, I absolutely enjoy it. I have worked with many of the students already, and I know they will be just as fun to work with on the Snelling Connection,” Mullin said. Snelling Connection is ending soon this year. But Knudson and Mullin aren’t leaving yet. Hopefully, they will stay for a very long time. Writing is important to everyone. We write every day, it doesn’t matter how you write. Enjoy and appreciate writing. If you can read, you can write.

Spring 2012

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