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Herald North K itsap kitsap week Internationally known artist focuses his brush on the N.W. — Inside Friday, April 4, 2014 | Vol. 113, No. 14 | | 50¢ “There’s no way that the pictures or the TV ... unless you’re actually there, you don’t get the total devastation.” — Poulsbo chaplain Ken Bailey A creek runs through it City plans to move Public Works to Viking Way By RICHARD D. OXLEY POULSBO — It might not look like it at first glance, but Poulsbo’s public works facility is on waterfront property. “Waterfront” in that the site — located a half-mile uphill from the Liberty Bay shoreline — becomes a branch of Dogfish Creek during heavier rains. Water Poulsbo chaplain Ken Bailey spent three days in the mudslide area of Oso, on the Stillaguamish River, and was struck by what he saw. “Many rescue workers were not prepared for what they found,” he said. Ken Bailey / Special to the Herald Poulsbo chaplain assists in Oso By RICHARD WALKER O SO — Chaplain Ken Bailey of Poulsbo drove east on Highway 530 and entered hell on earth March 27 at 11 a.m. It had been five days In this edition of the Herald since an 800-foot hill above the Stillaguamish River calved, sending a 30-foothigh tsunami of mud into the Steelhead Drive neighborhood and creating a debris field of one square mile. And on this day, work- ers searched mudscoop by mudscoop, step by step, for survivors. Many who had volunteered for rescue work found themselves in the role of recovery work. Bailey’s first job upon See OSO, Page A3 Ken Bailey SPORTS Port Gamble S’Klallam Skatepark is a work of art — Page A9-10 from the creek around 7th Avenue and Iverson Street will breach its banks and flow up to the front door of the public works building. The renegade stream then flows through the front office, through another door into a garage where it takes a left turn and heads back outside into a parking lot and then off-site. “It’s been flooding offand-on since I’ve been here,” Public Works Superintendent Dan Wilson said. Wilson has worked for the city for 27 years. Electrical wires in the office are all kept up off the floor. Shelves are raised on blocks to keep contents dry. The office isn’t the only See CITY, Page A7 Court: Port can auction boat, boathouse to recoup fees By RICHARD WALKER POULSBO — A Kitsap County Superior Court judge has ruled that the Port of Poulsbo can auction a boat owner’s boat and boathouse, moored at the marina, to recoup unpaid moorage fees. In his lawsuit to prevent the sale, boat owner John D. Zetty of Hansville prevailed in August when the court ruled that port offi- cials didn’t provide proof that various notices to Zetty had been sent by certified mail. The court also ordered that the port could not deny Zetty access to his boat or boathouse. The port later provided copies of certified mail receipts signed by Zetty, however, and Superior Court Judge Anna M. Laurie lifted the injunction March 21 and scheduled a See AUCTION, Page A8 news NBK Bangor: Precautionary response to truck backfire — Page A20 The North Kitsap Herald: Top local stories, every Friday in print. Breaking news daily on and on Facebook

North Kitsap Herald, April 04, 2014

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