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Herald North K itsap Kitsap Week Hall of Famer is bringing boats and fun to Poulsbo Friday, January 24, 2014 | Vol. 113, No. 4 | | 50¢ In the Herald Pilot at Harborview Principal on leave School district investigating use of N-word to student LOCAL Point No Point cabins demolished By KIPP ROBERTSON and RICHARD WALKER North Kitsap Herald staff — Page A9 sports n Prep sports update — Page A8 Locals rally for the Seahawks n — Page A11 Blue Friday feature n — In Kitsap Week A small fixed-wing, single-engine airplane crashed in a clearcut field off of Noll Road in Poulsbo, Jan. 20. The pilot, a 70-year-old man from Kent, was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center. Kipp Robertson / Herald Poulsbo plane crash being investigated for cause By RICHARD WALKER POULSBO — Kent Curtiss was still listed in critical condition in Harborview Medical Center’s intensive care unit Jan. 23, three days after he called 911 from his crashed plane in a clearcut field in north Poulsbo. Harborview spokeswoman Susan Gregg said Curtiss’s family is declining interviews. “They are just focusing on him and not participating in any interviews,” Gregg said, adding that family members are “traumatized” by the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating to determine the cause of the crash. Available records provide an image of Curtiss, his experience as a pilot, and the moments before and after the crash. Curtiss, 70, is a resident of Kent. According to Jamelle Garcia, manager of Auburn Municipal Airport, Curtiss kept his fixed-wing, singleengine airplane — a 1946 Ercoupe 415-C — at the airport. But Garcia said he didn’t know Curtiss, the owner of one of 277 airplanes based at the airport. According to FAA records available online, Curtiss is certified as a commercial pilot and a flight instructor, with a single-engine airplane POULSBO — Poulsbo Elementary School principal Claudia Alves called a student’s family Jan. 21 to apologize “It’s a good for her use of the N-word opportunity during her to review discussion with the stu- what we dent on how have in the word differs from place to other words. While on raise cultural the phone awareness.” with the — Brenda Ward, student’s NKSD director father, who of elementary is Africaneducation, American, she reportedly used the word again. Alves was placed on administrative leave that day, according to an email to parents from Superintendent Patty Page. The district has an independent investigator looking into the matter. Page told the Herald that the leave is not considered “discipline.” In her email to parents, Page wrote that Alves “is on a leave See PILOT, Page A3 See N-word, Page A7 Sound Brewery gives up on former Ford site MLK Day Student: King died for us — Column, photos on pages A12-13 Will expand elsewhere on Viking Ave. By RICHARD D. OXLEY POULSBO — Sound Brewery has decided to abandon its pursuit of the former Courtesy Ford property on Viking Avenue. Sound Brewery was among two likely buyers of the former Courtesy Ford property that has sat empty on Viking Avenue since the business closed in 2011. The brewery made an offer on the property in October, but negotiations have since fallen flat. Brewery owner Mark Hood said that he has ceased pursuing the deal and is looking elsewhere. See BREWERY, Page A7 Mark Hood unveils a new Sound brew at Marina Market Dec. 14. Richard D. Oxley / Herald The North Kitsap Herald: Top local stories, every Friday in print. Breaking news daily on and on Facebook

North Kitsap Herald, January 24, 2014

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